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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

From the Investors

Jessica Livingston, Kat Manalac, Carolynn Levy, and Kirsty Nathoo of Y Combinator discuss YC applications, perseverance, the future of startups and more in “Q&A at our Female Founders Conference” (video)

Jeff Clavier of SoftTech VC announces two new funds, how the capital will be deployed, and his thoughts on running the firm for 12 years in “SoftTech VC Closes $150M Across Two New Funds
Mike Rothenberg of Rothenberg Ventures crystallizes Rothenberg Ventures’ Frontier Technology mission with a recap of their journey from the beginning in “Adventures in Frontier Technology

Jason Lemkin of SaaStr Ventures reveals that VC is ‘kinda catty and gossipy’, deal flow is stressful, and six more non-obvious points in “What are the unspoken downsides of being a VC or angel investor?

Patrick Meenan of Arthur Ventures highlights common situations where VCs feel safer about their investments than they should in “How VCs get a false sense of security with their investments

Leo Polovets of Susa Ventures expands on three key questions that founders should think about during pre-traction fundraising in “Why This? Why Now? Why You?


From the Operators

Eric Boggs of RevBoss recognizes the human ‘fight or flight’ response can happen in startups and describes how to handle it in “How I Manage My Founder Hindbrain

Sabrina McGrail and Emma Straight of Techstars chat with Natalie Baumgartner of RoundPegg cover hiring, culture, and recruiting in “Tips for Growing Your Startup

Bas Prass of Off The Record encourages founders to focus on a small target audience first, then grow in “Dear Startups: Go Niche or Go Home

Ryan Petersen of Flexport advises would-be entrepreneurs with a lot of debt to be responsible in their path to startups in “Launching a Startup with MBA Debt

Tracy Chou formerly of Pinterest reminisces about her time working at Pinterest and why she plans to build something of her own in “17 Cutest Corgis in the World

Why The Future of Sales Looks A Lot Less Salesy

Dave Gerhardt of Drift explains the changing role of sales, why information is free now, and sales no longer gets to play gatekeeper. Here’s the post.


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