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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, July 27th 2016

From the Investors

Robert Siegel of XSeed Capital delves into what is next for British startups in “Brexit: The Dilemma Facing UK Tech Startups.”

Mattermark previously explored the topic, with Storm Ventures’ Anshu Sharmaproviding his own take in “This is What Brexit Means For You And Your Startup.”

Dan Kozikowski of FirstMark shares how to think about your first Customer Success hire based on an Office Hours session with Gainsight’s Nick Mehta.

Mahesh Vellanki of Redpoint Ventures takes a look at how much Internet companies spend on sales and marketing leading up to their public debuts in “How Much Do IPO-Bound Internet Companies Spend On Marketing?”.

Guy Turner of Hyde Park Venture Partners provides a structure for guiding tough career decisions in “Career Advice: Don’t Listen To It, But If You Must…”

From the Operators

Today in fun, Yahoo released an SEC filing reblogging an interview conducted by TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha. Very Tall Operator and interview-subject Tim Armstrong must be thrilled with his press clippings.


Craig Newmark writes about his “good model for a new philanthropy” in “One Nerd’s Take On The Future Of Philanthropy.” According to Newmark, “[y]ou don’t need to make a killing to make a difference.”

Ben Carlson of Ritholtz Wealth Management has an interesting look at long-term stock market returns, providing historical notes on how much money grows over time in “1929 v. 2000.”

DHH of Basecamp gives an interview in which he defines success:


And finally, the Mattermark Editorial team published a dig into the massive gap between investor expectations for Twitter’s revenue growth, and what the company itself anticipates.

Return Of The Micro VC

Micro VCs are here to stay, but how well are they performing? Following a prior investigation, Jason Rowley dives into the topic for Mattermark in “Return Of The Micro VC.”

For more of Rowley’s reporting on markets, startups, and money head here.


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