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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

From the Investors

Tien Anh Nguyen and Arsham Memarzadeh of OpenView Venture Partners analyze the metrics of mobile product strategies, classify mobile B2B companies, measure mobile product growth, and more in “2015 State of B2B Mobile Growth Metrics” (PDF report)

Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures explains how ’roundtrip revenue’ works for early stage companies in building long-term relationships in “Roundtrip Revenue: Probably, Just Do It

Union Square Ventures hosts a conversation around the ethical responsibility of ‘the people writing and architecting algorithms’ in “The Ethics of Algorithms

Ben Weiner of Jumpseed Ventures reveals his five initial investments, Jerusalem’s startup ecosystem metrics, and his startup investing criteria in “Announcing Jumpseed Ventures’ Debut A-l-b-u-m – Portfolio

Ben Einstein of Bolt Partners announces a new workshop facility in San Francisco for ‘connected hardware devices’, a $25M fund, and new LPs in “The Next Chapter for Bolt

Hunter Walk of Homebrew feels comfortable in being able to ‘articulate how Homebrew is a great investor partner to [hardware] companies’ in “Beyond SKUs: Dipping Our Toe Into Hardware Investments

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures highlights the four tools the ‘Captains of Scale’ category of Zendesk’s Customer Satisfaction Benchmark use in “The 4 Types of Customer Success Organizations

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures praises the early career, VC accomplishments, and SaaS expertise of Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures in “Here’s One Clear Way to Build a Great Personal Brand

From the Operators

Peter Kazanjy of Honestly provides – in detail – his ‘blocking and tackling’ strategies to have a success in your product launch in “Pitching Practice: Public Relations Launch Checklist for Early Stage Startup Founders

Michael Sacca, Joelle Steiniger, and Matt Goldman of Rocketship.fm explore the inception, growth, and acquisition of Clarity with Dan Martell in “The 3rd Exit: Dan Martell’s Thoughts on Selling Clarity” (audio)

Nathan Beckford of Foundersuite outlines a set of tools and resources founders can use to create a targeted list of investors to pitch in “Seven Ways to Pre-Screen Your Investors

Kyle Stock and Venessa Wong of Bloomberg Business detail the history of Chipotle Mexican Grill from the 1990’s to now, with insights from the founder, execs, and more in “Chipotle: The Definitive Oral History

Rameet Chawla of Fueled guides entrepreneurs with his two strategies for developing a prototype mobile app before raising funding in “How to Raise Funding for Your Mobile App

Tim Wu of Framed Data examines the strategies three startups used to reduce customer churn and improve user retention in “How Three SaaS Businesses Beat Churn


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