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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

From the Investors

Bill Gurley of Benchmark explains the differences between high priced private rounds and IPOs and suggests, ‘we are in a risk bubble’ in “Investors Beware: Today’s $100M+ Late-stage Private Rounds Are Very Different from an IPO

Sam Altman of Y Combinator shares the reasons why he believes machine intelligence is something we all should be afraid of in “Machine Learning, Part 1

Jonathan Libov of Union Square Ventures reviews ‘artificially intelligent’ messaging apps and predicts ‘the more we interact with bots and messaging UI’s, the better it’ll get’ in “Futures of Text

Brandon Marker of Techstars highlights Mattermark’s Q1 2015 Mid-Quarter Trend Analysis and thinks ‘we could see a steady dip in the number of seed stage companies getting funding’ in “Round Size is Up; Deals are Down

Brad Svrluga of Primary Venture Partners details the journey of building and running High Peaks Venture Partners and announces their firm’s new identity in “Introducing Primary Venture Partners

Adam D’Augelli of True Ventures provides his thoughts on the challenges that hardware startup founders may face when launching and scaling their company in “Working with Atoms: Thoughts on Building Next-Generation Connected Device Startups

Jonathan Lehr of Work-Bench Ventures looks to educate corporations in how to evaluate the four areas that signal the ‘financial viability’ of startups in “Evaluating Startup Financial Risk: A Framework for Fortune 500s

Jason Heltzer of Origin Ventures recounts his ‘adventures in the underworld of Bulletin Board Systems’ before the Internet we know today in “Do Not Take This Software Era for Granted (Pt. 2)

Shashi Fernando of Yonder & Beyond lists their ‘global technology operational accelerator’ on Australia’s ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) in “ASX Announcement

From the Operators

Ina Herlihy of Zumper outlines her journey from being a freshman in high school in 2008 to being at Tradecraft to now joining the growth team at Zumper in “How I Hustled to Get the Perfect Job

Beuk Blumenthal of Warby Parker expands on how Warby Parker encourages their employees to ‘banish preconceptions and to embrace curiosity’ for the sake of innovation in “The Secret to Innovation at Warby Parker: Think Like a Beginner

Jacqueline Hughes of Techstars interviews Rob Taylor of Pivot Freight to uncover what he learned at Techstars, mistakes he’s seen startups make, and his tips for founders in “The Network Effect: Techstars Mentor Becomes CEO of a Techstars Company – Q&A with Rob Taylor

Raj Hathiramani of URX describes the increase in adoption of ‘deep links technologies’ by the top 200 apps as growing 6% over the last six months in “Deep Link Adoption Growing


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