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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, December 3rd

From the Investors

Michael Seibel, Dalton Caldwell and Qasar Younis of Y Combinator share the ‘hallmarks of a good pitch’ in a mock investor meeting and Tyler Bosmeny of Clever guides students in sales and marketing in “How to Start a Startup – Lecture 19” (video)

David Skok of Matrix Partners outlines where he believes enterprise apps headed with an increase in ‘consumer demand for Uber-like experiences’ in “Consumerization of the Enterprise – Phase 2

Fred Wilson and Brad Burnham of Union Square Ventures highlight their investment in the ‘first vehicular network’ company that connects ‘moving things’ via software and hardware in “Veniam

Michael Copeland and John Jack of Andreessen Horowitz, former Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and Alex Stamos of Yahoo discuss their perspectives of the ‘state of security’ agreeing, ‘security is increasingly front-and-center for everyone’ in “Security’s Wakeup Call” (audio)

Devon McDonald of OpenView Partners showcases Jasmine Lombardi of Intronis’ thoughts on being a woman in tech and winning a Silver Stevie Award in “Excelling as a Female Executive in Male-Dominated IT

Angel Investor Joanne Wilson advises founders that not all investors are there for the right reasons with a story of a food business in a tough situation in “Good Entrepreneurs Deserve Good Investors

Adam Goulburn and Zavain Dar of Lux Capital shed light on their list of ‘5 favorite buzzwords in the valley’ in “Pen Pal VC: ‘Buzzwords’

From the Operators

Danielle Morrill CEO of Mattermark provides a look at the ‘top ten startups punching above their waist’ and tactics to find ‘startups gaining traction’ with data in “Traction Report: Who’s Got It, How to Get It” (video)

Mike Dudas of Button points out the four key factors he believes are ‘leading a transformation in commerce that connects consumers with products and services’ in “The On-Demand Economy by the Numbers

Julie Zhuo of Facebook details five design practices she finds are used by many designers and believes are ‘wasting our time’ in “The 5 Most Common Design Mistakes

Jose Ancer of Silicon Hills Lawyer guides founders in understanding various issues and types of pro-rata rights scenarios in “The Many Flavors of Seed Investor ‘Pro-rata’ Rights

Blake Ross of Firefox jabs at Nevada’s ban on Uber with his take on how the Nevada ‘longhauling dispute process’ is supposed to work in “Uber.gov

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