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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

From the Investors

Scott Maxwell of OpenView Venture Partners reflects on the history of ‘value-add’ in Venture Capital and why he thinks focus is ‘the real differentiator’ in “The Truth About VC Value-Add

Josh Burwick of Sand Hill East dissects private and public market investment trends and encourages VCs to put money into earlier vs. ‘private IPO’ stage companies in “The Private Market’s Reality Distortion Field

Ethan Kurzweil and Cecilia Stallsmith of Bessemer Venture Partnersannounces their $30 million Series B investment in Zirx and adds why they’re excited about the parking market in “Zirx: On-Demand Valet Parking? Yes, Please!

Satya Patel of Homebrew expresses why Homebrew has a strong bias towards investing in founding teams vs. founding individuals in “Startups Are Hard. Don’t Go It Alone.

Brad Feld of Foundry Group provides an example of the ‘current and future’ structure of a startup’s board in “The Board Operating System

Ted Ullyot of Andreessen Horowitz joins Andreessen Horowitz and discusses his experiences in legal at government and tech organizations in “When Software Eats the Physical World, Startups Bump Up Against Regulations

Angel Investor Sergio Romo shares thirty insights he’s learned from investing in and building startups in “30 Startup Lessons

From the Operators

Adam Rifkin of PandaWhale aims to add awareness around women executives at 55 ‘American Unicorn’ companies and compares his findings to public tech giants in “List of Women Founders, CEOs, and Board Directors in American Unicorn Startups

Julie Zhuo of Facebook guides job candidates in how to become more self-aware and proactive to show off their strengths in an interview in “How to Impress an Interviewer

Ethan Austin of GiveForward recaps the past seven years of growth in Chicago’s startup ecosystem and looks to the future in “The Evolution of the Chicago Startup Community – Going from Zero to One

Margaret Gould Stewart of Facebook details the story of her grandfather’s craftsmanship and reveals how ‘software tools can give us extraordinary abilities’ in “What My Grandfather’s Drill Can Teach Us About Designing Business Software

Nick Fox of Google launches the early access program for Project Fi, an initiative to ‘enable easy communication across networks and devices’ in “Say Hi to Fi: A New Way to Say Hello

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