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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

From the Investors

Chamath Palihapitiya of SocialCapital claims that Sand Hill Road needs a wake up call and reveals VC diversity metrics (spreadsheet) in “Bros Funding Bros: What’s Wrong with Venture Capital

Matt Miller of Sequoia describes the concept of ‘microservices’ and the four main benefits of implementing this model in “Innovate or Die: The Rise of Microservices

Vipin Chamakkala of Work-Bench Ventures takes a look at the past two decades of HR innovation in “Today’s HR Technology Landscape (and a Look at the Trends Shaping the Market)


Michael Moe of GSV Capital offers a window to the future by addressing five key themes and ‘new challenges that will transform society’ in “Pioneers of Tomorrow

Victor Gutwein of M25 Group introduces his firm to the world and highlights their ‘unique’ early-stage investing strategy in “M25 Meets World

Paul Arnold of Arnold Capital believes job simulations are the solution to hiring and explains why in “Interviewed: Hire Better

From the Operators

Mattermark CEO, Danielle Morrill reminds founders to remain focused on their current product vs. being tempted to dabble with products that only distract them from the mission in “Embracing the Incrementality Mentality

Edward Chiu of DigitalOcean shares introductory knowledge on how he approaches Customer Success as DigitalOcean, tools, and engagement mechanisms in “How to Build and Scale a Customer Success Team from Scratch

David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp discourages people from chasing dreams of a successful, sustainable software product business with paid apps in “Don’t Base Your Business on a Paid App

Mike Arauz of August in the First Round Review details how to design a company, from the ground up, that is capable of managing itself as it grows and evolves in “Unlocking the Benefits of Self-Management Without Going All In on Holacracy

Anke Corbin of Globig advises US technology companies about what to do now that the Safe Harbor framework for EU-US data transfer has been invalidated in “Safe Harbor: What Is It Affect Your US Business, What Should You Know About It?

Jay Melone of New Haircut publishes his insights on migrating the RFP process to something more valuable, via lean discovery and product development in “How to Write Successful Technology RFPs

The Information’s Future List

For the technology industry to thrive, investors need to find entrepreneurs in more places. And the talent pool is diversifying far faster than investments firms are. That’s why The Information created the Future List to rank Venture Capital firms based on their ethnic and gender diversity

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