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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, October 28th

From the Investors

The Atomico Ventures Team releases their analysis of 136 $1 billion valued companies, noting 61% are outside of Silicon Valley in “Great Companies Can Come From Anywhere: A First Look at The Global Spread of Billion-Dollar Software Companies

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures shares data that supports seeking terms from investors across geographies in “The Impact of Investor Geography on Your Seed, Series A and B Check Size

Marianna Shapira of IVC Research and KPMG reports Israeli tech investments in Q3/ 2014 ‘exceeds last three years average with $701 million’ in “Summary of Israeli High-Tech Capital Raising – Q3/ 2014

Kanyi Maqubela of Collaborative Fund ‘ponders radical transparency in business’ after leading Buffer’s Series A in “With Noses Pressed Against The Glass

Brad Feld of Foundry Group reflects on the ‘current cycle’ of quarterly VC investments now reaching $10 billion/ quarter in “What’s Old Is New Again

Joe Floyd of Emergence Capital offers a quiz for enterprise cloud startup founders to gauge their cash flow in “How To Tell If You’re Burning Money Too Fast

Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital points out the hard choice for founders to raise more funding when available or raise less to avoid dilution in “Runway

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures details eight ‘immeasurable’ reasons why PR can help your business in “The Silent Benefits of PR

Ali Hamed of CoVenture guides first time founders in calculating their salary with keeping their investors and cash flow in mind in “How Much Should Seed-Stage Founders Pay Themselves?

Scott Weiss of Andreessen Horowitz explains how sharing his startup idea helped him hire talent and raise funding in “Why You Should Risk Sharing Your Idea

From the Operators

Joel Gascoigne and Leo Widrich of Buffer share everything you want to know about Buffer’s business metrics and current fundraising in “We’re Raising $3.5m in Funding: Here is the Valuation, Term Sheet and Why We’re Doing It

Ryan Carson of Treehouse hits home that learning from failure can sometimes lead to sucess in “Entrepreneurs Think They’re Badass

Scott Lewin of Invoiceware International urges founders to ‘focus on generating revenue’, not spending time raising money in “‘Old-Fashioned’ Funding Model is Key to Driving Growth and Revenue

Greg Brockman of Stripe dives into his journey of becoming Stripe’s CTO and building a team to drive engineering in “#define CTO

Tad Milbourn of Tiempo expands on his time in Y Combinator with five lessons he learned about work/ life balance in “Y Combinator, a Two-Year-Old, and a Pregnant Wife

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