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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, October 21st

Best of the Press

Kevin Roose of New York Magazine covers Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz’s perspective on optimism, robots and diversity in “Marc Andreessen In Conversation

Christopher Mims of the Wall Street Journal addresses government spending on R&D and innovation in “Humanity’s Last Great Hope: Venture Capitalists

David Rotman of MIT Technology Review evaluates technology’s impact on economic opportunities for ‘the rich and everyone else’ in “Technology and Inequality

From the Investors

Bryan Johnson of OS Fund and Braintree announces his $100 million OS Fund to invest in ‘quantum leap discoveries’ in “Rewrite the OS, Change the World

Andy Rachleff of Wealthfront and Benchmark Capital shares his thoughts on what makes a company the ‘Gorilla’ of their market in “When It Comes to Market Leadership, Be the Gorilla

Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures cites four products where ‘the value of the service increases for all customers as the business grows’ in “Network Effects for SaaS Businesses

Angel Investor Gary Vaynerchuk urges people to, ‘Put that content out!’ in “To Share of Not to Share? That is the Question

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures reflects on how he stays grounded and the value of arguing in “Getting Feedback and Listening To It

From the Operators

Neil Thanedar of Labdoor responds to Mattermark CEO Danielle Morrill’s B2B customer acquisition strategy with his vison for Mattermark’s future in ‘Is Mattermark the next LinkedIn?

Jason Cohen of WP Engine says to ‘shut up and get going’ and just ‘make a strong decision’ in “Stubborn Visionaries & Pigheaded Fools

Mikael Cho of Crew highlights his team’s side projects that generate 40% of their revenue in “How Side Projects Saved Our Startup

Ben Ronning of Tradecraft outlines four key aspects of design he learned in becoming a UX designer in “Ready. Fire. Aim

Paul O’Donnell of Matheson questions the future of Google being defensible and sutainable in “The Death of Google

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