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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

From the Investors

Jerry Neumann of Neu VC joins Dave Lerner on Venture Studio to discuss the art and science of seed investing, pros and cons of boards at small companies and “betting on the ponies” in “Venture Studio Episode 33” (podcast)

Roy Bahat of Bloomberg Beta advises founders to consider hiring by ‘cell division’ — bringing in a next person good at the same things you are good at in “Who Should a Startup Hire First?

Kate Mitchell and Tim Anglade of Scale Venture Partners cover what they think you should know about VCs and how founders should think about fundraising in “A VC Explains How VCs Work

Alyssa Jaffee of Pritzker Group Venture Capital responds to different startup scenarios from the vantage point of both an investor and entrepreneur in “Lessons from the “Dark Side”

Thomas Olszewski of Frontline Ventures dives into trends, predictions, and movements in European marketplace lending in “Marketplace Lending in Europe” (slides)

Mathias Ockenfels and Savina van der Straten of Point Nine Capital visualize a map of the main SaaS Enabled Marketplace (SEM) verticals and players in “An Overview of the Growing “SaaS Enabled Marketplace” Ecosystem



From the Operators

Qasar Younis (COO) of Y Combinator discusses how to build meaningful relationships and why people are the most determinant aspect of our personal and professional success in “33voices Episode #1263” (podcast)

John-Henry Scherck of DocSend aggregates various case study examples from leading enterprise and mid-market tech and service companies in “150 of the Best B2B Case Studies

Gabor Koncz of Automizy publishes a 10,000 word guide to help CMOs, customer success managers, product-, email and content marketers at SaaS companies design their products for growth in “Product Marketing for SaaS Businesses

Claire Suellentrop of Calendly details how Calendly, Intercom and Salesloft scaled their success and support teams to meet the needs of large accounts in “Scaling Customer Success

Hampus Jakobsson of Brisk expands on why he thinks ‘deep-tech’ startups shouldn’t monetize and what they should do instead in “Extreme Ambition Requires Less Metrics

Morgan Ingram of Terminus shares why the SDR to AE handoff is key to a sales team’s success in “#TheSDRChronicles 034” (video)


10 Reasons To Meet With A VC Associate

Founders are often told that when fundraising they should avoid meetings with associates, and instead only speak with general partners. That might be a mistake. Trinity Ventures’ Michelle Tandler breaks down why.


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