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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

Markets React As Some Of 2016’s Biggest Tech IPOs Ask For More

Some recent tech IPOs are looking to bring in more cash. Here’s what the market thinks.


From the Investors

Greylock Partners announces it has raised $1 billion for its 15th venture capital fund, which will focus on early stage technology investments in “From Startup to Scaleup

Jessi Hempel of Backchannel interviews Cyan Banister of Founders Fund to uncover her story of not having a strong gender identity on either side of man or woman in “The Venture Capitalist Who is Both a Man and a Woman

Caroline Fairchild of LinkedIn talks with Nicole Quinn of Lightspeed Venture Partners about becoming the firm’s first female partner, investment trends and the areas she feels are overhyped in “Venture Capital Firms Are Doomed if They Don’t Invest in Young Talent

Carl Fritjofsson of Creandum shares why he is committed to always push event organizers to have a gender equal speaker roster in “Fighting Inequality With Silence.

Angela Tran-Kingyens of Version One Ventures highlights portfolio news, new investments, and what they’re excited about in the future in “Our Q3 Round-up

David Haber of Bond Street sits down with Bryce Roberts of OATV to talk about his unique path into venture capital, building Indie.vc and more in “The Nitty-Gritty Podcast: Bryce Roberts


From the Operators

Ry Walker of Astronomer dives into an up-and-down tale of raising money one check at a time in “Our Unique Path to Raising $2M Seed in the Midwest


Paul Sondhi of Troops walks through how they got to the end result of a mini-project that makes up their current ‘self-serve learning’ product in “A Glimpse into the Future of Messaging-First Onboarding

Shem Magnezi of MyRoll lets off some steam with a public rant on all things startups in “F*#% You Startup World

Nick Weaver and Dana Lindsay of eero offer tactics and a rubric that will help any young company spin up its CX team and bring a better name to technical support in “The Case For Startups to Put CX at Their Core

Kareem Mayan of Codetree describes some of the mistakes they made and unpacks their thinking during the negotiation in “What It’s Like Buying a $128k Side Project

Adam Ballai of Twilio tells you the story of how he discovered Twilio and what he’s learned after working there for seven years in “Finding Twilio


Taking Stock Of Rocket Internet’s Health

tl;dr: What is Rocket Internet, why does it matter, why is its value in decline, and how might that impact startup valuations? Take a seat. We have a few things to discuss.


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