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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

From the Investors

Jonathan Drillings of Comcast Ventures details why he believes we’ll continue to see companies that use ‘mobile dynamics and cloud services / APIs’ to deliver whole products that scale in “Rapid Ascent & the Whole Product Paradigm

Ali Rahimtula of Cue Ball Capital offers his thoughts on ‘the most exciting applications of blockchain technology we may see in major industries in the future’ in “Beyond Bitcoin: Commercial Applications of Blockchain Technology

Christian Claussen of Ventech encourages founders to ‘see through the marketing hype and ask VCs the questions ‘that really matter’ in “I’m Calling Bullsh*t On These VC ‘Value-Add’ Platforms

Mamoon Hamid of The Social+Capital Partnership and Nick Moran of Moran Capital Partners discuss what a SaaS company is, how to pitch a SaaS product, and how VCs evaluate early-stage SaaS companies in “Ep36: SaaS Startup Investing” (podcast)

Mike Chalfen of Mosaic Ventures says, ‘what matters today [in SaaS products] is usage’ and adds his perspective of why this is important in “Where is the Value In Your SaaS Startup?

David Norris of Forward Partners outlines different types of marketplace liquidity factors and advises founders to understand the type needed to grow their marketplace in “Online Marketplace: What Kind of Liquidity Do You Need to Grow?

From the Operators

Balaji Srinivasan of 21 announces his new role as the CEO of 21 and how they intend to ‘establish bitcoin as a fundamental system resource’ in “A Bitcoin Miner In Every Device and In Every Hand

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy of Joyus shares how organizations can increase the rate of progress for women in tech entrepreneurship in “Tech Women Choose Possibility

Serial Entrepreneur Steve Blank guides founders in understanding how to recognize and ‘refactor’ people/ culture compromises made in the early stages of a startup in “Organizational Debt is Like Technical Debt – But Worse

Camille Ricketts of First Round Review features Tiho Bajic of Nitro to uncover why diversity, loyalty and balance are important to the life of a startup in “Fixing Engineering’s Loyalty and Longevity Problem

Joseph Walla of HelloSign finds it more useful to ask job candidates about what they have done, rather than what they could do in “Focus On Specifics When Interviewing

Eric Jorgenson of Evergreen expands on advice from ‘some of the world’s best managers and companies’ about the process, emotions, and impact of firing in “How to Fire Someone: How to Decide, When to Do It, and How to be Guilt-Free

From Mattermark 

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