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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

From the Investors

Audrey Soussan of Ventech Capital breaks down successful entrepreneurs into four typical profiles in “Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Peter Teneriello of Notley Ventures raises the question of how VCs can best help the founders of companies in “Oh the Places We Could Go!

Elizabeth Kraus of MergeLane compiles a list of questions startups and investors should answer before agreeing to a valuation in an equity round or a convertible debt valuation cap in “The Definitive Guide to Startup Valuation

Brian Church of Ideashares walks through his list of ten things to check off before investing in “10-Point Startup Investing Checklist” (podcast)

Saqib E. Awan of Lightspeed Venture Partners walks through the most critical part of your first meeting with the client: the demo of your product and an engaging discussion in “Why You Should Never Save the Q&A for the End of Your Sales Pitch

Nisa Amoils of New York Angels makes sense of investment opportunities in the drone industry in “Drones — Are You Looking in the Right Place for Investment?

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From the Operators

Kurt Leafstrand of Clari points out why the recent volatility in enterprise SaaS has its roots in the very nature of its business model in “Good SaaS Bad SaaS


Seth Gold of Entro offers guidelines around the etiquette for requesting, making, and accepting introductions in “The Importance and Art of The Intro in Silicon Valley

Larry Kim of Wordstream dives into the lessons he has learned on his entrepreneurial journey in “10 Amazing Lessons From Being an Entrepreneur

Joey Ramer of Super outlines the criteria he shares with candidates about his company that has allowed them to assemble a great team in “How We Never Lost a Candidate to a Competitive Bid

Juliet Gorman of Etsy shares the thinking behind their parental leave program to foster open dialogue with the community, corporate leaders and policymakers to advance societal equity and well-being in “Strong Families, Strong Business

The Changing Value Of ARR (read more)

Annual recurring revenue (ARR) isn’t worth what it was. That’s just fine, but it matters for your startup’s valuation.


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