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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, February 18th

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From The Investors

Phin Barnes at First Round Capital pens an in-depth resource for founders and employees in “23 Tools to Make Your Feedback Meaningful” in First Round Review

Connie Loizos of Strictly VC interviews Bullpen Capital in “Bullpen Capital on Its New Fund, Post-Seed Deals, and Changing LP Sentiment”

Tomasz Tunguz analyzes “The Impact of a Startup’s Location On Its Ability to Raise Capital” with some surprising insights:

The location of a startup’s headquarters seems to have no impact on their ability to raise a Series A.

Sam Altman of Y Combinator discusses the impact of one of the most difficult constraints early stage companies face in “The Engineer Crunch”

Satya Patel of Homebrew Ventures explains the importance of understanding the approach to a problem, not just the answers in “Know What You’ve Learned, Not What You’ve Done”

Nabeel Hyatt of Spark Capital looks into the future of local commerce with “Postmates”

Boris Wertz of Version One Ventures offers a simple tactic for staying helpful to portfolio companies in “Investors Need to Actually Use Their Portfolio Products”

Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures responds to PayPal CEO David Marcus’ edict to employees in “Everyone in SaaS Needs to Do Customer Support. At Least Until You Have 50 Employees. But Ideally, Forever.”

Frederik Arnander of Standard Ventures continues his series on Stockholm startups with “Part 3: the Incredible Shrinking VC Market”

Sean Johnson of Digital Intent on the disconnect between value creation and capture in “The New Reality of Venture Capital”

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures shares a talk from Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz that gives many founders hope in “Good Ideas That Looked Like Bad Ideas”

Rob Go of NextView Ventures shares his thoughts on “What Makes An Awesome Founder”


From the Operators

DJ Miller at Geektime brings back some Dot Com history with “Companies That Should Have Survived But Didn’t”

Alex Taub of Modern Mast explains why “Building a Company for Investors is a Bad Idea”

Jeff Dean of Google describes his experience visiting a Google datacenter in 1999 in “Wiring Corkboards”


Community Events

Mattermark is proud to support two upcoming events in the venture capital community, and we hope you will check them out. See you there!

February 28th – New York, NY – 20th Annual CBS Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference

May 14th – Boston, MA – 2014 New England Venture Capital Association Awards

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