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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

From the Investors

Mahesh Vellanki of Redpoint Ventures dissects the enterprise value, revenue multiples and EBITDA margins of public ecommerce companies in “Here is Why Ecommerce Companies Aren’t Worth Very Much

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 5.18.28 PM

Jeffrey Carter of West Loop Ventures believes the ‘second seed’ round is more prevalent and outlines how founders should approach it in “The Follow On Or Re-Seed Round

Shahin Farshchi of Lux Capital sees an upcoming Ice Age for cars and looks to the driverless future with hope in “Innovating in Car-Tech?

Rob Go of NextView Ventures foresees a more tempered market environment in 2016 with investors having to ‘rationalize valuations in their portfolios’ in “The VC Market – 2015 and 2016

Yannick Roux of EC1 Capital explains why people and market are the two most important factors when he evaluates investment opportunities in“What I Obsess About as an Early Stage Investor

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures thinks now is as good a time as any for founders to clean up their budgets in “Tightening Your Belt

From the Operators

Peter Kazanjy of TalentBin reveals specific sales emails, calls and demos that he’s used to close deals in “Here are the Scripts for Sales Success

Chris Anderson of Pixable highlights their success as a media channel and declares that Pixable is shutting down due problems raising money in“Pixable Closing Up Shop After One Crazy, Awesome Ride

Gesche Haas of Dreamers // Doers expands on five realizations she’s had since leaving a hedge fund and working on several startups in “Why as a Startup Founders It’s Especially Important to Trust Your Gut

Spenser Skates of Amplitude announces the extension of their post-termination option exercise window from 90 days to 10 years and more equity details in “Employee Equity is Broken, Here’s Our Fix

Alex Theuma of SaaScribe and David Cancel of Driftt discuss the differences between customer-driven vs. product-driven companies in”Building a Customer Driven Startup: With David Cancel of Driftt

Sara Yin of Intercom advises startups to not waste any opportunity they have with a customer testimonial and to repurpose it for marketing in“Make Customer Enthusiasm Work for You

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