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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Startups and Venture Capital in the United Kingdom (The Global Startup Hub)

Much is riding on the UK remaining the premier destination for European startups. In light of Brexit and the tremendous growth in other European markets — will London remain the city of choice for European entrepreneurs?

Thomas Olszewski of Frontline Ventures releases a 38-slide report that takes an honest, data-driven look at the UK startup and VC ecosystem.

From the Investors

Jonathan Drillings of Riverside Acceleration Capital reflects on the past 10 years of venture funding trends and hopes that moving forward we’ll see further innovation in the financing side of the tech world, just as we’ve seen it on the product side in “The Cloud Changes Everything; Including Growth Capital

Brigitte Hackler of High Alpha provides a financial model template and 4-step guide to building your first SaaS financial model in “Want a Map to $1M ARR? Build a Financial Model.

TX Zhuo of Fika Ventures examines what lead investors need to do at the seed stage and provides a framework for entrepreneurs / VCs to pick the right lead investor in “Am I Qualified to Lead a Seed Stage Deal?

Raphaela Sapire of Blue Seed Collective publishes this video for Equal Pay Day, along with a full free resource kit on salary negotiation at NastyGap.com

Spinta Capital analyzes the usage of debt by the fastest growing SaaS companies and contrasts it with that of the smaller / less high-profile SaaS community in “SaaS IPO Companies and How They Use Debt

From the Operators

Jennifer Johnson of Tenable digs into a methodical approach that companies can use to differentiate themselves and achieve category domination in “Go-To-Market And Category Design Fundamentals

Lloyd Tabb of Looker emphasizes how to prevent teams from getting seduced by vanity metrics — and tips on honing their instincts for real, productive measurement in “I’m Sorry, But Those Are Vanity Metrics

Tristan Handy of Fishtown Analytics explains how to create the right analytics competency at every stage of growth–what’s too little, what’s too much, and what’s just right-in “The Startup Founder’s Guide to Analytics

Allan Wille of Klipfolio debunks the myth that startup leaders must track everything all the time in “SaaS KPIs: Which to Focus on at Each Stage of Your Company’s Growth

Sarah E. Brown of ServiceRocket says we don’t do enough to explicitly attract and retain minorities in non-engineering roles and offers suggestions for the industry in “Non-Engineering Roles are Given Too Little Attention in Today’s Tech and Inclusion Diversity Initiatives

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