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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, October 29th, 2015

From the Investors

David Skok of Matrix Partners compares SaaS application delivery methods, operations costs and gross margins, contract terms, churn rates and more in “2015 Pacific Crest SaaS Survey – Part 2


Gordon Daugherty of Capital Factory offers a ‘start here’ guide for how founders should react to interested acquirers, what to do next and how to prepare in “Approached for Acquisition – Now What?

Will Bunker of SVG Syndicate expands on what he believes what’s holding us back in the startup community: trust in “If You Generate Trust, You Generate Money

Ron Bouganim of GovTech Fund and Madeline Reddington of FounderDating talks about what GovTech is, why he believes it’s important for the future, and why he thinks it’s been ignored in “Is GovTech the Next Big Frontier?

Jonathon Triest and Brett deMarrais of Ludlow Ventures chat with Hunter Walk of Homebrew about what LP’s expect from GP’s, how he grew his online presence, and how he views the VC/entrepreneur relationship in “S1 E8 – Hunter Walk, Homebrew” (video)

Greylock Partners dive into how Okta built an enduring enterprise company in “Starting Up in a Downturn” (video)

From the Operators

Alex Shye of Readme Labs lists posts by founders of companies that have failed in “Startup Postmortems

Henry Ward of eShares reveals their internal course for onboarding new employees to understand their product in “eShares 101


Chris Savage of Wistia explains why some of the biggest opportunities today live within ‘stumbling distance’ of the ‘monsters of tech’ in “Building a Business in the Shadow of a Giant

Karen Roter Davis of Urban Engines draws parallels between sales and dating, and some things startups can think about to figure out if and when a potential customer is really interested in “We’re Just Not That Into You – Surviving This and Other Letdowns from Potential Customers

Jeff Morris of Tinder offers a ‘Silicon Valley story’ about moving too fast that hits home why even brief interactions are important in “Every Interaction Matters

Don Otvos of Datahug shares the low-hanging fruit available for almost every startup, and how to adopt a whole new streamlined approach to sales in “The Equity Documents You Should Always Have on File


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