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Mattermark Daily: Thursday, October 24th

Like these links? We curate the news daily to bring you our top picks for reading about the venture capital industry and selected resources for investors to share with their portfolio companies. You can subscribe to Mattermark Weekly for free to get this newsletter in your inbox each evening.


Tomasz Tungus of Redpoint Ventures dissects how harvesting of purchasing intent has changed on the consumer Internet over the past 15 years in Anticipatory Commerce: The Evolution of Intent on the Web

Kevin Laws of AngelList provides a helpful Crowdfunding Regulations Summary for the most recent proposed changes from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission

Deborah Mills-Scofield of venture capital firm Glengarry LLC explores investing in invention vs. innovation and the value of putting thought into marketing and sales inInvesting in Innovation: A Venture Capital POV

Ricky Pelletier of Openview Partners presents 6 alternatives to venture capital financing in Can’t Find VC Money? You Still Have Options…

Health tech investing is expected to double (yes 100% increase) according to analysis by Mercom Capital Group (Source: mHealthWatch)


Twitter set their IPO price at $17-20 per share today, will be valued at $11.1 billion. (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

Adii Piennaar of PublicBeta writes about his mission to start a company while putting his top priorities first in Family First Startups

Marc Barros of Contour Camera talks about how he got funding wrong in his company and how other founders can learn from his mistakes in How to Fund a Hardware Startup

Zaarly Cofounder Eric Koester talks about the importance of doing the fundamental math of any business in Don’t Found a Company Unless You Love Excel

Correction: Yesterday I said the comment period for equity crowdfunding legislature proposed by the SEC yesterday was 30 days, when it is in fact 90 days. (Official SEC documentation)


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