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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, October 13th, 2016

From the Investors

Jean-Baptiste Dumont of Serena Capital dives into how data is a new medium between humans, machines and nature allowing us to leverage on our new digital abilities to go further in “The Data Revolution


Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures draws a correlation between hard fund raises and strong performing investments in “The Hard Raise

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures believes that a few key people make all the difference in any company — no matter how big or small in “Venture Capital is About Human Capital

Tytus Michalski of Fresco Capital translates 2,000 year old wisdom into a twenty-four slide deck with insights related to raising venture capital in “10 Immortal Lessons from Laozi for Startup Fundraising

Jim Wilson of  Costanoa Venture Capital advises founders and CEOs on how to attract the best talent and close the idea sales candidates you want in ““Closing the Deal” with your Top Sales Candidates

Saqib Awan of Lightspeed Venture Partners outlines why he has a strong bias towards hiring for certain characteristics over experience and product/industry knowledge in “Shattering the Myth of the Prototypical Salesperson

From the Operators

Gary Gaspar of Marker explains the logic behind the SaaS financial planning template he created and how it was constructed in “Simple SaaS Financial Model For Early-Stage Startups

Othmane Rahmouni of Yoga Panda tells you what it was like to ride the startup roller-coaster and takes a look back at the ups and downs along the way in “An Honest Introspection of a Tech Startup Founder After Shutting Down His Company

Vivian Cromwell of Chop highlights all of the software and tools they used to build Chop over the past year and why they chose them in “How We Built Chop

Ellen Chisa of Lola sees that sometimes scale means hiring, but sometimes it’s finding the right person internally or breaking the responsibilities up between multiple people in “When Should You a Hire a Product Manager?

Tom Wentworth of RapidMiner declares that marketing to developers is hard, and you are probably doing it wrong in “A Primer on Developer Marketing

Elias Torres of Drift talks about the differences between all of the feature requests from free users vs. the things paid customers want in “The Differences Between Feedback From Paying Customers vs. Free Users

How One Startup Focused On The Long Tail To Drive Enterprise Traction

Fresh off its Series A, Shippo CEO Laura Behrens Wu writes about how the company she founded turned to small clients to help it land big accounts. The lesson: Sometimes to go big, you must first go small.


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