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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, May 28th, 2015

From the Investors

Guy Turner of Hyde Park Venture Partners visualizes three cycles he says are predictable in many startups in “Wave Theory of Startups: Braving the Funding, Sales, and Hype Cycles” (slide presentation)


Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz offers career advice to graduates at Columbia University with his own story of choosing to pursue Computer Science in “Career Advice for Recent Graduates” (video)

Elizabeth Kraus of MergeLane lists the terminology for the financial metrics she thinks all founders should know before meeting with investors in “The Metrics Every Entrepreneur Should Know by Heart

David Goldberg of Corigin Ventures identifies business models he sees gaining momentum in the market, their benefits and risks, and the role tech plays for each in “Alternative Business Models for Consumer-Facing Startups

Ben Kosinski of Kosinski Ventures reveals his hands-on methods of learning from VCs and says, ‘to not only learn from others, but also internally from within in “How to Learn from VCs

Paul Bennetts of AirTree Ventures encourages founders to create a simple financial model and provides an example for an ecommerce startup in “Searching for Signal: The How and Why of Financial Models for Startups

Angel Investor Andrew Chen breaks down the reasons given for why investors shy away from investing in dating related startups in “Why Investors Don’t Fund Dating

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures analyzes the performance of 43 SaaS company stocks since their IPO in “The Health of the SaaS IPO Market

From the Operators

Karen Roter Davis of Urban Engines says, ‘a plan is best kept clear and simple’, and shares three different types of plans and when to use them in “Three Simple Plans for Start-Ups

Paul Gebhardt of Bonusbox explains how the return on capital is dropping, how that influences entrepreneurship, and how private investment markets are more information efficient in “The End of Interest Rates

Belle Beth Cooper of Hello Code sheds light on the benefits of building projects – to learn, to practice, and for your own confidence in “Why You Should Make Things No One Will Ever Use

Amitra Chandra of Normative admits ‘there is no shortcut for becoming a good interviewer’, the limitations of what you can get from an interview, and more in “After Doing 100 Job-To-Be-Done Interviews, Here’s What I Learned

Arthur Atwell of Electric Book Works guides founders around being ‘lured in by the lights of startups’ with the five rules he follows since shutting down his startup in “Why I Won’t Run Another Startup

From Mattermark

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