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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, March 5th, 2015

From the Investors

Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures notes that high public market multiples inform private market valuations, due to ‘demand in the public markets outstripped by supply’ in “Valuations: Public and Private Markets Misleading Each Other?

Jeff Carter of West Loop Ventures points out pros and cons for Mark Cuban’s assessment of the current tech ‘bubble’ in “Mark Cuban Thinks It’s Bubblicious

Semil Shah of Haystack Fund lists the ‘unknowns’ or potential shocks to the public and private markets that could lead to a crash in “Market Resiliency and the Spector of Exogenous Shocks

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures uses CrunchBase data to analyze acquihire trends, noting that corporate development teams may be pursuing seed companies vs. Series A companies in “Trends in the startup Acquihire Market


Adam Besvinick of Deep Fork Capital shows concern for the hype and false positive the tech early adopters can cause for consumer apps launching on Product Hunt in “On the Hype Cycle and the Role of Product Hunt for Consumer Social Apps

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures says, ‘[great VCs] focus on the company first and everything else second is what separates the best ones from the rest in “A Focus on the Company Not the Investment

Jana Messerschmidt, Chloe Sladden, April Underwood, Vijaya Gadde, Katie Jacobs Stanton, and Jessica Verrilli of #Angels announce their new angel group and strategy to lend ‘collective expertise to support the teams’ in “Introducing #Angels

Jalak Jobanputra of FuturePerfect Ventures shows support for Abra, a global peer-to-peer teller network in “The Magic of Abra”, along with Howard Morgan of First Round Capital here, and Bill Barhydt and Jim Robinson’s thoughts on “Why We Started Abra

Peter Levine of Andreessen Horowitz and Dan Shapero of LinkedIn discuss how to build a sales organization in terms of hiring, compensation, and culture in “a16z Podcast: Getting Sales Right

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From the Operators

Nathaniel Disston of EquityZen provides a general look at how startups award equity and what candidates should consider when evaluating job opportunities in “Considerations for Your Startup Equity Compensation (Part 1)

Sam Gerstenzang of Imgur outlines the seven takeaways he gained from his time working at Andreessen Horowitz in “Seven Things I Learned in Venture

Ben Erez of Life360 encourages founders to find the ‘right metric’ to track and outlines metrics that ‘more established startups’ may measure for success in “Early Product Metrics and Other Traction-Tracker Things to Measure

Kyle Samani of Pristine explains how the marginal utility of smartwatches vs. smart eyewear may impact the adoption rates of these devices in “Watches are for Consumers, Glasses are for the Enterprise

Bart Lorang of FullContact shares his philosophy of dealing with ‘Not Awesome’ coworkers and how to build a culture where it gets called out in “Bad Actors, A-Holes, and Being Awesome with People
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