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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

From the Investors

Aaref Hilaly of Sequoia Capital provides his survival guide for what to do when you’re unsure of your CEO’s performance, with four lessons, and several pitfalls to avoid in “How To Manage Up and Have A Happy Board — Even When You Miss A Quarter

David Stein of Leaders Fund offers his playbook for founders to implement “Go to Market Fit” best practices in their own businesses, in order to scale from $10M to $100M in “Go to Market Fit: Achieving Sustainable Growth

Sarah Hodges of Pillar VC examines why a personal board of advisors is the key to your success in “How to Reverse-Engineer a Unicorn

Alex Niehenke of Scale Venture Partners reveals a few things outsiders may not realize about the job and personal side of a being VC in “The Startup Tapes #35

Rayfe Gaspar-Asaoka of Canaan Partners outlines the driving trends in the AI industry, why it’s not going away, and how to evaluate AI companies in “How to Cut Through the AI Hype


From the Operators

Tracy Lawrence of Chewse shares a four-step process on how to give regular and constructive employee feedback that set expectations and strike the right tone in “How Chewse Operationalized Transparency — Starting With Salaries

Karthik Sridharan of Kinnek explains a failure in the traditional MVP framework to define what a “viable” product is and how creating and testing a set of product hypotheses can be more effective in “A Better Alternative to MVP Product Development

Gabriel Szanto of SlugBay details how his team built a startup from the remains of a doomed product in “From 0 to 0.0.1

Sarah McCasland of Modus Create describes the differences between two common roles and why the responsibilities a Product Manager and a Project Manager fill are extremely important in “Product Management vs Project Management

Dave Kellogg of Host Analytics summarizes why you need to ask the most basic, fundamental questions in market research first, before proceeding on to analyzing packaging, interface, feature trade-offs, platforms, etc. in “The Dogshit Bar: A Memorable Market Research Concept

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