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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, March 26th, 2015

From the Investors

David Lee of SV Angel provides an ‘insider look’ into how he communicates funding advice to founders by showing an email he sent to a startup he funded in “Fundraising Advice – A Fortune Cookie Message

Sam Altman of Y Combinator shares his thoughts on the ‘bubble’, income equality, startup burn rates, and why VCs should ‘just say no’ in “Sam Altman: What Bubble?” (CNBC Video Interview)

Lee Hower of NextView Ventures visualizes the pipeline of money that feeds the ‘startup capital supply chain’ in “Where Does VC Money ActuallyCome From? [Flowchart]


Gil Dibner of DFJ Esprit describes a scenario of a founder looking to raise angel funding that could lead to ‘certain failure’ and advises how to ‘raise more capital at a higher valuation’ in “The Angel Trap

Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz explores the ideas of creativity and motivation in relation to ‘luck’, saying, ‘I think there’s a roadmap to getting luck on our side, and I think this is it’ in “Luck and the Entrepreneur, Part 1: The Four Kinds of Luck

Satya Patel of Homebrew expands on why he believes ‘the reality is that it’s emotion that leads most VCs to invest’ in “The Only Way to Raise Money: Make Them Believe

Logan Bartlett of Battery Ventures outlines the considerations SaaS startups must make when choosing product pricing and questions the validity of per-user pricing models in “The Beginning of the End for Per-User Pricing?

Leo Polovets of Susa Ventures explains how startups can accumulate data and the pitfalls he says startups need to be aware of in “The Value of Data, Part 2: Building Valuable Datasets

Max Neiderhofer of Sunstone Capital reflects on why he ‘dearly’ loved a specific investment that recently exited and looks forward to the future in “Audibene & Sunstone Capital – from Series A to Exit Within 18 Months

From the Operators

Ash Rust of SendHub offers a flowchart to guide founders in understanding how to ‘not sit on a yes from an investor’, but to follow up and get the money closed in “What Do You Do After an Investor Says Yes?

Gillian Morris of Hitlist relays the advice she’s received from other entrepreneurs and mentors on when to form an advisory board, who it should consist of, how to run it with the ‘i’s dotted and t’s crossed’ in “Forming An Advisory Board That Doesn’t Suck

Jeremy Stanley of Sailthru for First Round Review reveals the tactical aspects of his six stage interview process for ensuring quality candidates that can deliver your required skills in “How to Consistently Hire Remarkable Data Scientists

Lauren Smiley of Matter shares – in lengthy detail – the perspectives of users that live on on-demand services (shut-ins) and the delivery workers that provide the service (shut-outs) in “The Shut-In Economy

Serial Entrepreneur Elad Gil identifies his top four factors to consider when evaluating the next step in a career and calls role and compensation ‘factors that don’t matter as much’ in “Career Decisions

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