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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, July 7th, 2016

From the Investors

Sara Mattsson of Industrifonden releases a 12-page analysis of the venture investment activity in Swedish private tech companies in “Swedish Tech Funding Report Q1-Q2 2016” (report)


Brad Feld of Foundry Group highlights blogs and content from Limited Partners to help VCs and entrepreneurs understand them better in “Content From LPs

Lisa Suennen of Venture Valkyrie publishes an array of facts, figures and findings from the HES Corporate Venture Action Group in “Corporate Adventures in Health Care Venture Capital” (report)

Michael Seibel of Y Combinator offers advice to founders on communicating with investors in “How to Email Early Stage Investors

Sabrina McGrail of Techstars sits down with Leanplum Co-Founder and their Head of Global Talent to discuss hiring for culture fit in “How to Maintain Your Startup Culture As You Scale

Matt Harrigan of Grand Central Tech joins angel investor Dave Lerner to discuss the mission of GCT, the urban tech opportunity, and inclusion in the startup ecosystem in “Venture Studio Episode 29” (podcast)


From the Operators

Danielle Morrill of Mattermark gives a talk at Hustle Con 2016 about the early days of Mattermark in “How Mattermark Acquired Early Users” (video)

Elliot Shmukler of InstaCart shows why he uses A/B testing as a management framework, illustrating how it works to not only accelerate decisions, but also empower the teams making them “How A/B Testing at LinkedIn, Wealthfront and eBay Made Me a Better Manager

Chris Slowe of Reddit discusses YC’s first batch, finishing a PhD while working at a startup, maintaining a life outside a startup, and returning to reddit in “Employee #1: Reddit

Anke Corbin of Globig creates a framework around the most important considerations and how big I estimate the impact (both positive and negative) to be in “Brexit for Startups – 8 Important Factors

Grant Canary of DroneSeed interviewed Techstars IoT Managing Director Jenny Fielding in “Mentoring Startups, Fostering Talent and Using Technology for Good

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