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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Optimizing Your Sales Team’s Workflow (read)

By defining a sales workflow that removes multitasking through setting roles and outsourcing tasks with automation, you can see sales productivity skyrocket along with your revenue.

Here’s how to reduce cognitive strain and increase automation

sales stress

From the Investors

Sarah Catanzaro of Canvas Ventures declares that enterprise adoption of machine intelligence products will not accelerate until both vendors and customers implement a data strategy in “Clausewitz was a Data Strategist

Christopher Steiner of FundersClub collaborates with investors and founders to come up with three essential truths about the new realities for hardware startups in “The Best Hardware Startups Build Communities And Software

Manu Kumar of K9 Ventures details why finding the right problem to solve, and solving it well are an integral part of the startup story in “Startup Metamorphosis: From Dishero to Bugsee

CRV publishes a Q&A with general partner, Rafael Corrales, to surface what led him to VC, the industries he invests in, characteristics he looks for in startups, and more in “10 Questions With… Rafael Corrales

Veronica Osinski of Trifecta Capital provides a framework for founders thinking through major decisions (like starting a company) in “How to Make Life Decisions

From the Operators

Philip Levinson, formerly of TigerText outlines the three steps he used to implement a successful channel sales and distribution strategy in “How Tech Companies Double Annual Sales with Three Words


Paul Walsh of MetaCert releases the investor pitch deck that helped him raise $1.2 million in seed capital for his chatbot security startup in “MetaCert Investor Deck (unedited)

Jareau Wade of Pinterest highlights successful payment company wins and failures as examples of why there’s no middle ground for closed-loop payment networks in “How to Become a Payments Network

Julia Chen of Appcues recognizes the Wealthfront team’s unwavering belief in their mission and ability to experiment and move fast helped them tackle uncommon challenges in “How Wealthfront Disrupts a Trillion-Dollar Industry

John Saddington of Pinpoint serves an important reminder of getting real user feedback on an early-stage product in “A Little Slice of Humble Pie

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