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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, August 6th, 2015

From the Investors

David Teten of ff Venture Capital summarizes the steps to make a financial model easier for people to read, understand, and invest in your business in “18 Ways to Make Your Financial Model Stand Out to Investors

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures describes the characteristics, management skills, and ideal values of a ‘masterful’ Board leader in “Board Leadership

Josh Elman of Greylock Partners recommends founders interview new ‘bounceback users’ every six months to learn about improving adoption and activation in “Four Questions Towards Understanding User Adoption of Your Product

Matthew Bradley of Forward Partners covers the economics of surge pricing and how startups can incorporate dynamic pricing models into their business to help solve some growing pains in “Surge Pricing for the Win

Imran Parvez of BitChemy Ventures outlines the status quo of multiple design tactics, reviews a ‘well-known’ design process, and the role of paper clips in “Journey of Design in Tech

Jonathon Triest and Brett deMarrais of Ludlow Ventures discuss how to get great mentors, how Brad Feld and his partners celebrate big financial wins, and flowy hair in “S1 E4 – Brad Feld, Foundry Group & Techstars” (video)

From the Operators

Brian Armstrong of Coinbase announces an extension of the post-termination option exercise window from 90 days to seven years for new employees that stay at least two years in “Improving Equity Compensation at Coinbase

Leo Widrich of Buffer reflects on Buffer’s flat company structure experiment and the differences of ‘actualized hierarchy vs. traditional hierarchy’ in “What We Got Wrong About Self-Management: Embracing Natural Hierarchy at Work

First Round Review features Tido Carriero of Dropbox who shares the power of a hybrid product development process and how to navigate it well in “How Dropbox Sources, Scales and Ships Its Best Product Ideas

Rob Spiro of Good Eggs admits that growing too quickly was his biggest mistake and announces company layoffs and shutting down operations in multiple cities in “Good Eggs 2.0 – A Plan for Our Future

Zac Townsend of Standard Treasury details why Silicon Valley Bank acquired Standard Treasury in “Standard Treasury Joins Silicon Valley Bank

Sophia Dominguez of AllThingsVR compares newer social Virtual Reality companies (AltspaceVR, JanusVR and VRChat) and how they are shaping this early market in “The Fight for the Metaverse, Part II

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