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Mattermark Daily – Saturday, June 14th

From the Investors

Sam Altman of Y Combinator speaks up for every founder who’s more crushed than “crushing it” in “Founder Depression

Reid Hoffman of Greylock Partners suggests that, in today’s age, two well-informed friends are more effective at getting the right information at the right time than using Google and CNN — “The Information Age to the Networked Age: Are You Network Literate?

Tren Griffin of Microsoft breaks apart interviews and articles by Marc Andreessen for insights into venture capital in “A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Marc Andreessen

Steven Sinofsky of Andreessen Horowitz sits down with Aaron Levie of Box to discuss IT’s shift from systems to users in “Mapping the Information Economy — Where’s the Cloud Going Next?

Vas Natarajan of Accel Partners underscores the problems and solutions of scaling your design to a broad, international user base in “Five Takeaways from the Design Series Meetup

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures identifies the variables that drive growth and analyzes their marginal effects in “How Much Should Your Startup Spend to Grow

Semil Shah of Haystack Fund controls the message and the medium in “Write Your Own Story

Roy Bahat of Bloomberg Ventures wants founders to check the box for “Is this extraordinary” before they begin talking about themselves in “When Should Startups Talk?

From the Operators

Matthew Goldman of Wallaby explains why hiring slow is worth it, even if it means accepting slower growth, in “Why Wallaby Hires Slow

Denis Mars of Jive Software, and a YC alum, advises the next batch of YC founders to focus on their startups and make it happen yourself in “So You Got Into YC, Now What?

Armando Biondi of AdEspresso uses Mattermark data to show why Italy is one of the last places you’d want to build your startup in “Sorry, But Italy is No Startup Paradise

Krish Ramakrishnan of Blue Jeans Network upholds cultural pillars during hypergrowth by empowering employees and eliminating with the C-suite in “Managing Hypergrowth Without Sacrificing Culture: No Offices or Admins

Bill Marshall of Miragen experiences a startup’s nightmare: the twisting of his truths to make a trap for fools, in “A Tale of Disruptive Science, Irreproducibility, and Unanticipated Consequences

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