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Mattermark Daily – Monday, October 19th, 2015

From the Investors

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures releases 24 slides that look at the 2016 Venture Capital horizon with a sense of mourning for the ‘days of rational behavior’ in “Venture Outlook 2016” (presentation)


Semil Shah of Haystack Fund dives into why AngelList and YC’s recent announcements ‘will force every investor to be sharper and more focused’ in “AngelList and Y Combinator Continue to Shake the Trees

Michael Moritz of Sequoia sounds the horn on ‘subprime unicorns’ and the perceived invincibility around private companies in “The Subprime ‘Unicorns’ That Do Not Look A Billion Dollars” (subscription needed)

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures wonders if it’s good or bad for countries outside the US to not own ‘the networks that win most of the market’ in “Winner Takes Most

Pablo Ventura of Jose Manuel Entrecanales Foundation claims the Spanish Venture Capital ecosystem is growing healthier and faster than ever in “The Spanish VC Industry: From Oligarchy to Democracy in Five Years

Ivy Nguyen of NewGen Partners compares innovation vs efficiency startups, and why she believes innovation is important with the upcoming bubble in “Chase Innovation, Not Efficiency

Carlos Espinal of Seedcamp and Hadley Harris of ENIAC Venturesdiscuss mobile growth signals, fundraising best-practices, and future technologies in “Seedcamp Podcast, Episode 61” (podcast)

From the Operators

Kenneth Berger formerly of Slack describes how the ‘six forces model’ can help be a guide for product teams as a company evolves in “What I Learned at Slack – Part 4: The Six Forces of Product Development


Julie Ann Horvath of Clef declares, ‘rewriting all of the code in a codebase is rarely a practical thing to do’, and shares why in “The Challenge and Opportunity in Inheriting Someone Else’s Code

Andrew McInnes of Kixeye compiles research from 30 hours of interviews to understand how the right team ‘unlocks growth’ and strengthens culture in “How Do You Choose the Best Growth Team Model?

Serial Entrepreneur Elad Gil offers his key takeaways and things to keep in mind about evolving a company’s structure in “Organizational Structure Is All About Pragmatism

Hamid Shojaee of Purechat compares and contrasts the Silicon Valley tech ecosystem to the ‘Valley of the Sun’ in “Arizona Makes Workhorses – Not Unicorns – and That’s a Good Thing

How To Avoid Burnout (read more)

The startup life is an intense and intensely personal experience. Perhaps the greatest detriment has been the rise in burnout and depression in the startup community. What follows is our absolute best advice on how to navigate the startup world without losing yourself in the fire. (read more)

how to avoid burnout

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