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Mattermark Daily – Monday, March 30th, 2015

From the Investors

Charlie O’Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures predicts future economic conditions will have a ‘long period of market stagnation at the top end’ and details what that could mean for the tech ecosystem in “The Coming Zombie Startup Apocalypse

Jennifer Fonstad of Aspect Ventures anticipates an increase in an industry ‘dialogue that will lead to more diversity across the Valley’ and explains her perspective as a VC in “After Ellen Pao, Now What?

Ezra Galston of Chicago Ventures provides a deep analysis of Etsy’s market growth, its network strength, and revenue metrics compared to three other public marketplace companies in “Unpacking Etsy’s S1” andCem Sertoglu of EarlyBird Venture Capital expands on this analysis in “Marketplace Insights via Etsy

David Lee of SV Angel encourages founders to ask VCs, ‘for X% of the company, what is the investor going to do to justify that ownership?” in “Valuation vs. Ownership

Nick Moran of The Full Ratchet and Angel Investor Gil Penchinadiscuss angel investing via AngelList Syndicates, his investment process, and the ‘recap to zero’ in “Ep33: The Syndicate (Gil Penchina)” (audio)

Guy Turner of Hyde Park Venture Partners looks at how some SaaS startups have a natural optimal customer size where their LTV/CAC ratio is maximized in “Optimizing the SaaS LTV/CAC Ratio

Angel Investor Joanne Wilson features Diane Hessan of Start-up Institute shares the story of Diane Hessan’s journey as an entrepreneur since the late 1990’s in “Diane Hessan, Start-up Institute, Woman Entrepreneur

Matthew Witheiler of Flybridge Capital lays out his ‘criteria for success’ of internet-enabled things and what it would take to ‘reimagine an object’ in “Reimagining Everyday Objects

From the Operators

Shri Bhashyam of EquityZen outlines ‘the basics’ of the SEC’s Regulation A+ ruling and how it’s different from ‘standard 506(b) offerings’ in “Regulatory Alert: Regulation A+ and What It Means for Startups

Aaron Levie of Box interviews Jeff Lawson of Twilio to get his thoughts on developers, platforms, and the ‘composable enterprise’ in “Founder Call with Jeff Lawson” (audio)

Charlie Guo, Author of Unscalable highlights five observations about scaling that Parker Conrad of Zenefits has made while building Zenefits in “Scaling Lessons from the Fastest Growing SaaS Company Ever

Eric Jorgenson of Evergreen gives his notes on ‘how to manage a product’ by understanding the customer’s perspective, creating ‘unity of vision’, and prioritizing features in “How to Master the Discipline of Product Management (Not the Job of Product Manager)

Alyson Shontell of Business Insider reveals Airbnb’s early pitch deck in “What a $20 Billion Startup Looks Like When It’s Just Starting Out, and Everyone Thinks the Idea Is Stupid

Brandon Redlinger of Tradecraft breaks down his ‘tactics and strategies to increase prices’ and the pitfalls to avoid when evaluating product pricing in “The Ultimate Guide To Price Strategy

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