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Mattermark Daily – Monday, June 15th, 2015

From the Investors

Morgan Bender, Benedict Evans, and Scott Kupor of Andreessen Horowitz release a fifty-three slide report that showcases their thoughts and data on public markets, ‘unicorns, and ‘what’s going on in venture capital’ in “US Tech Funding

Greg Sands of Costanoa Venture Capital advises that people in the startup ecosystem do not get caught up in how the media interprets Silicon Valley and to ‘get back to building companies’ in “The Real Silicon Valley

Brad Feld of Foundry Group praises Greg Sands’ post by encouraging founders to ‘focus on the purpose. Your purpose. And your company’s purpose.’ in “If You Get All Your Information on the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem from HBO, You’re Screwed

Chris Lyons of Andreessen Horowitz provides his thoughts around the venture capital industry based on the insights he’s learned during his two years in VC in “Questions About Venture

Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures gives a bottom line to founders and management – ‘you are much more in control of investor expectations than you may think or have been led to believe’ in “Expectations: Your Responsibility

Nikos Kalliagkopoulos at Prime Ventures explains the basics of Cohort Analysis for startups, with some simple examples in “Cohort Analysis for Startups 101

Lisa Suennen of Venture Valkyrie contemplates future jobs that may be impacted by robots and analyzes current job growth in specific sectors in “Jobs of the Future: Not Only for Robots

Angel Investor Joanne Wilson features an overview of Rachel Berks’ journey building Otherwild, an ecommerce site for unique products in “Rachel Berks, Otherwild, Woman Entrepreneur

Mark Hasebroock of Dundee Venture Capital reflects on current market trends and his thoughts on the ‘bubble’ after spending time at 500 Startups’ Premoney conference in “Bubble Trouble?

From the Operators

Arlan Hamilton of Load-In International Magazine urges investors to follow Intel’s lead to not ‘get left behind’ and shares four ways to invest in and empower underserved ecosystems in “Dear White Venture Capitalists: If You’re Reading This, It’s (Almost!) Too Late

Alex Schiff of Occipital outlines – in depth – everything he experienced building and selling Fetchnotes in “Lessons from the Front Lines: Building Fetchnotes

Sophia Elizabeth of AllThingsVR offers a flowchart to help people understand how virtual reality experiences are created, distributed, and how we can interact with them via input devices “The Foundation of Virtual Reality

Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked guides people with his strategy to manage digital distractions using the ‘Hook Model’ in “Un-Hooked: Increasing Focus in the Age of Distraction” (video)

Mina Salib of Usspire walks people through his strategy to ‘establish a plan of action’ to get the most value out of attending a networking event in “Networking in a Sea of People

Marco Zappacosta of Thumbtack reviews the business models Thumbtack used that led them to their current model, as an example of focusing on ‘where you provide the most value’ in “Focus on Your Value Proposition

From Mattermark

Mattermark CEO & Co-Founder, Danielle Morrill says, ‘as VC funding levels approach record levels and Q2 comes to a close, Mattermark checks in on Series A rounds’ in Redpoint, NEA & Accel Lead the Way as Average Series A Rounds Surpass $10m in Q2


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