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Mattermark Daily – Monday, July 13th, 2015

Mattermark Q2 2015 Venture Capital & Startup Funding Report

We recently examined the venture capital funding trends, deal volume, and largest deals in Q2 2015.

See how drastically deal volume and total capital invested have increased from Q1 to Q2 2015.

Q2 Startup Funding Trends Report

Startup Funding Report

From the Investors

Om Malik of True Ventures wonders a loud “how much of creativity is actually drudgery” in “The Daily Creative To-Dos

Glenn Solomon of GGV Capital analyzes the prospects for the Chinese economy, and what impacts it may have on the US tech & VC markets in “Decoding China’s Swoon & Its Impacts

Jay Acunzo of NextView Ventures shows seed-stage founders how to use funding announcements to drive leads and generate PR in “Accidental VC: When Should Startups Announce Seed Funding

Angel Investor Joanne Wilson advises her daughter how to find a mentor and the importance of having role models (good and bad) in “Mentorship

Scott Maxwell of OpenView Venture Partners argues that tech startups must invest their time creating “differentiated value” and outsource everything else in “Startup CEOs: Forget ‘Full Stack’ and Focus on Creating Real, Differentiated Value

Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures sheds light on VC investing through lessons from his initial investments in “The Top 8 Mistakes I Made in My First 18 Months as a VC Partner

Ezra Glaston of Chicago Ventures seeks guidance on doing a better job of living in the present after a recent difficult moment in “Dear Brad, Fred & Mark: How The Hell Do You Do It?

From the Operators

Brian Chesky of Airbnb shares rejection emails Airbnb received when they were trying to raise $150k in “7 Rejections

Joseph Walla of HelloSign encourages people getting started in the tech world to focus on a job function they can truly excel at in “Jack of All Trades, But Master of One

Kinsey Ann Durham of GoSpotCheck illuminates the challenges she’s faced to work as a software engineer in “Women in Tech: The Struggle to Stay Technical

Northwestern University Student Nicholas Hagar explores the idea that the best way to build a community online is through an “empty platform” in “Building the Next Box

Stewart Butterfield of Slack and Adam Bryant of The New York Times discuss the human qualities to look for in candidates when building a team in “Is Empathy on Your Résumé?

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