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Mattermark Daily – Monday, December 9th

From the Investors

Leo Polovets of Susa Ventures presents his idea of ‘estimated marginal dilution’ and how to ‘avoid fatal pinches in the first place’ in “Fatal Pinches, Seed Follow-On Rates, and Estimated Marginal Dilution

Jeff Carter of Hyde Park Angels offers his reasons why new angel investors should ‘be in an angel wolf pack’ vs. being a ‘lone wolf investor’ in “So You Want to Start Angel Investing?

Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures highlights companies that increased net new sales within sixty days of hiring a VP of Sales in “You’ll Know in One Sales Cycle if Your VP Sales Won’t Work Out: Four Case Studies

Charlie O’Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures lists ten scenarios founders may be in that point to raising funding from VCs in “Ten Good Reasons to Take Venture Capital Money

Chip Hazard of Flybridge Capital Partners gives a retrospective of how the venture capital and startup ecosystem have changed since 1994 in “20 Years On

Bubba Murarka of DFJ Venture Capital details the ‘rate of execution’, ‘rate of experimentation’ and ‘rate of idea validation’ in “The Three Skills of a Great PM

Carlos Espinal of Seedcamp guides entrepreneurs in understanding ‘cash for product pre-orders’ and ‘cash for equity’ crowdfunding models in “Deciphering Crowdfunding for Startups

From the Operators

Jason Cohen of WP Engine advises founders to ‘start (marketing) with the handful of channels (they) personally use and understand’ in “For Marketing Early Startups: Deep, Not Wide

Matt Mickiewicz of Hired provides insight into Hired’s new sales marketplace, new funding and key areas of ‘tremendous growth’ in “Announcing a New Sales Marketplace and $15 Million in Funding

Anna Duning of Engine.org explores how Unshackled provides support for immigrants seeking to work at or build a startup in “A New, More Inclusive Approach to Startup Funding

Leslie Bradshaw of Made by Many shares her perspective on why ‘aversion to ownership is not a shortcoming, it’s an opportunity’ in “Rent, Stream, Experience

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