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Mattermark Daily – Monday, December 22nd

From the Investors

Brad Feld and the Foundry Group Team are ‘psyched to now be major investors in Mattermark’, after leading Mattermark’s $6.5 million Series A in “Our Investment in Mattermark

Paul Graham of Y Combinator explains his methods of ‘protecting yourself from obsolete beliefs’, saying, ‘change that matters usually comes from an unforeseen quarter’ in “How To Be An Expert In A Changing World

Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz deciphers the ‘pull and push’ of information and believes ‘successful companies will [be] riding the trends instead of fighting them in “Two Eras of the Internet: Pull and Push

Steven Sinofsky of Andreessen Horowitz explains his perspective on the ‘good news and bad news’ of past software and future cyber hacks in “Why Sony’s Breach Matters

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures criticizes higher education administrations and faculty that are ‘not evolving and changing with the times’ in “Finding ROI in Higher Education

Hunter Walk of Homebrew highlights Homebrew’s original plans and revised strategies for Board seats, ownership percentages and post-seed investments in “The Seed Rounds They Are-a-Changin’: Three Shifts We’ve Made to Homebrew Investment Model

David Lee of SV Angel includes Bitcoin, ‘end user programming’, payments and more in his list of favorite ideas, themes and changes in 2014 in “Ten Things I Think I Think – 2014

From the Operators

Author Ted Rall for aNewDomain blasts tech companies with his thoughts that ‘it’s impossible to overstate how ageist many tech outfits are’ in “Don’t Hire Anyone Over 30: Ageism in Silicon Valley

Kurt Leafstrand of Clari turns the idea of how Santa Claus ‘runs his business’, of manufacturing and shipping gifts, into startup lessons in “Everything I Ever Needed to Know (About Startups), I Learned from Santa Claus

McGee Young of MeterHero counters Fast Company’s piece criticizing Silicon Valley’s water problem, with his opinion that ‘software is eating the water sector’ in “What Fast Company Got Wrong About Water Innovation

Sean Byrnes formerly of Flurry guides founders in how to provide an easy narrative and positive experience to others interacting with your company in “Tell Your Own Story

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