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Mattermark Daily – Monday, December 14th, 2015

From the Investors

Angel Investor Mahendra Ramsinghani believes ‘VC is in stasis’ and wonders if we will see a punctuated equilibrium in “Of Evolved Dinosaurs and Birds – The Changing Face of Venture Capital

Jonathan Friedman of LionBird Ventures expands on the trends he sees driving a change in early-stage investing culture in “The Erosion of Reciprocity in Early-Stage VC

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures brushes off market uncertainty and encourages founders to start companies when ‘you can nucleate a team around yourself and your vision’ in “Is Now a Good Time to Start a Company?

David Frankel of Founder Collective reminds founders to recognize their company’s ‘mortality’, to measure their life expectancy, and learn how to run a ‘zombie’ company in “How to Plan for Your Startup’s Gruesome Demise

Bill Maris of Google Ventures breaks down some data on their 39 investments of 2015 in “2015 Year in Review” (and here’s why Google Ventures is consolidating their global funds)

Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital provides a Google Sheets-based template for calculating three alternative paths to your target MRR in “A Simple Tool to Improve Your 2016 Planning

From the Operators

Evan Rudowski of Atlantic Leap Limited summarizes Atomico’s latestState of European Tech report in “Ten Key Findings

Caio Braga of UXdesign.cc takes a look at the past, deciphers the present, and anticipates the future of UX in “The State of UX in 2015 / 2016

Taylor Davidson of Foresight equips founders with an Excel model for creating a cap table with an exit analysis in “How-To: Cap Tables, Liquidation Preferences and Exit Proceeds

Kellan Elliott-McCrea of Etsy recognizes that his advice is straightforward, but wants to remind managers of the minimum guidelines for leadership in “Surviving Being Senior (Tech) Management.

Bob Moul of Artisan Mobile shares some hard lessons he learned from running a startup that failed in “An Incredibly Honest Talk About Failure

Andrea Saez of ProdPad details some homework founders can do before spending resources on hiring a product Manager in “Does Your Startup Need a Dedicated Product Manager?

Where are they now? 10 Pre-Series A Companies in New York from June ’13

In June 2013, ten startups in NYC seemed poised to raise a Series A round. Since then, some have gone on to raise new rounds, some have been acquired or shut down, and a couple are now zombies.

Let’s take a look…

pre-series a nyc startups update

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