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Mattermark Daily – Monday, August 24th, 2015

From the Investors

Jeff Jordan, Anu Hariharan, Frank Chen, and Preethi Kasireddy of Andreessen Horowitz outline the most common (and often most confusing) startup metrics and terms to help founders prepare for pitch meetings in “16 Startup Metrics

Madding King III of Camp One Ventures demystifies seven components of understanding convertible debt, which he says, ‘can be a double-edged sword’ in “Convertible Debt Explained in Entrepreneur English

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures notes that overfunding too early and ‘just after you hit your stride’ is bad, but overfunding after you find product/market fit is critical to competing and winning in “What I’ve Learned About Venture Funding

Paul Willard of Subtraction Capital reveals why the practice of doing less is better for a startup in “Subtraction = Growth

Semil Shah of Haystack Fund offers his thoughts to AngelList Syndicate followers and to founders offered terms where being Syndicated is a condition of investment in “Seed Founders, Beware the Syndicate Shenanigans

Ciaran O’Leary of EarlyBird VC reminds VCs that the privilege of investing other people’s money (pensioners, life insurance funds, etc) is not a game in “The Responsibility of Venture Capital

MergeLane, the business accelerator for startups with at least one female in leadership, is hosting a short online webinar series to share insights from startup mentors, angel investors, VCs and business leaders, calledOnRamp Live. (Tuesday, August 25th) More details in this blog post.

From the Operators

Danielle Morrill of Mattermark releases a category 5 tweetstorm with advice for founders about what to keep in mind when fundraising in Silicon Valley in “Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Visit to Silicon Valley” (Source: Business Insider)

Nikos Moraitakis of Workable shares a robust post that dives into the terms and process of building a financial plan in “Financial Planning for SaaS Startups” (19 min read)

Aly Saxe of Iris PR Software highlights her qualms with the term ‘mompreneur’, related content, and concludes the label ‘entrepreneur’ should be the default in “Don’t Call Me a ‘Mompreneur’

Ben Tossell of Product Hunt reflects on his involvement with Maker Hunt and the global Product Hunt community and how that led him to becomeProduct Hunt’s Community Manager in “How I Landed a Job at Product Hunt – #BlameEricWillis

Aron Susman of TheSquareFoot lists advice he’s picked up along the way in building his startup he believes founders should keep in mind in “8 Growth Lessons for First-Time  Founders

Serial Entrepreneur Steve Blank publishes a 131 page deck with everything he’s learned from helping corporations and government agencies adopt Lean Methodologies in “Innovation @ 50x in Companies and Government Agencies

From Mattermark

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