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Mattermark Daily – Friday, May 23rd

From the Investors

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures gives an overview of the new protocol for Bitcoin payments in “Feature Friday: Bitcoin Payments

Chip Hazard of Flybridge Capital Partners identifies the three criteria for success as a big-data startup in “Full-Stack Analytics: The Next Wave of Opportunity in Big Data

Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures wants you to sell up the chain of command in “Inbound or Outbound Sales? The Answer is Yes

Hunter Walk of Homebrew reimagines Foursquare as a direct messaging channel for businesses in “I Hope the New Foursquare Replaces the Check-In Window with the Follow

Kanyi Maqubela of Collaborative Fund looks at Craigslist for its flexibility and Twitter for its innovation in “Considering ‘Value Networks’

From the Operators

The Editors of Model View Culture call for action to promote “the radical notion that women are people” in “An Open Letter on Feminism in Tech

Steli Efti of Close.io smooths things over in a high-pressure environment in “Conflict Resolution 101 for Startups

Featured FounderPressly - Jeff

Jeff Brenner of Pressly. Pressly helps brands own the conversation around a topic by harnessing the world’s content into beautiful, sharable experiences.

Mattermark: How did you come up with your startup?
Jeff: Pressly started as a way for traditional publishers to deliver a clipboard-like experience on the mobile web.

Mattermark: What is a recent milestone that your team celebrated?
Jeff: We crossed 34 million minutes of engagement across our customer hubs last month.

Mattermark: If someone thanked you in a restaurant for creating your startup, what would you hope they say?
Jeff: “It helped us attract and engage a relevant audience around a topic we’re passionate about.”

Mattermark: Tell us about your team.
Jeff: There are ten of us, and we’re looking to grow by hiring backend Go engineers and dev op engineers. Our hobbies include face-swapping team members in hair metal bands.

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