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Mattermark Daily – Friday, December 5th

From the Investors

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures details ‘three fundamental reasons for the bull market’, profiles industry risks and concludes, ‘it’s a great time to be a founder’ in “When Will the Tech Bull Market End?


Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz and Marc Benioff of Salesforce cover the past, present and future of the cloud as well as philosophy and more in “Where the Growth in Cloud and Enterprise Software Really Is” (audio)

Sam Altman of Y Combinator wraps up the ‘How to Start a Startup’ class by Y Combinator and Stanford University with an overview of topics founders ‘need to think about in the later-stage’ in “Lecture 20” (video)

Hunter Walk of Homebrew believes ‘it’s necessary to have people within a startup who are pacesetters or know that it’s ok to push harder’ in “What People Who Worked at Google Know That You Probably Don’t

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures spurs a debate around the importance and understanding of what ‘development’ and ‘production’ are in “Development Is Cheap. Production Is Not.

Greg Gretsch of Sigma West calls out the idea that ‘only 15 tech companies each year produce $100 million in revenue and therefore matter‘ in “The ’15’ Meme Fallacy

Nic Brisbourne of Forward Partners advises founders to target getting an investment, not just having meetings with investors in “Investor Meetings Are Over-Rated

From the Operators

Matt Galligan of Circa offers the strategy behind building Circa’s ‘integrated rating requests’ and highlights, ‘Ask the question. Don’t beg.’ in “The Right Way to Ask Users to Review Your App

First Round Reveiw features Robert Falcone of Monetate guides you in how to think about your audience and structure an ‘agile’ pitch in “Your Product Demo Sucks Because It’s Focused on Your Product

Rajen Sanghvi of ShopLocket outlines his key takeaways from Sam Altman’s final lecture from the ‘How to Start a Startup’ class in “42 Quotes from Sam Altman on Later Stage Startup Advice

Susan Su of 500 Startups breaks down the design call-to-action elements of 500 Events’ email marketing campaigns in “This Email Got a 60% Open Rate – Here’s How

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