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Marketing Tool Paralysis, Product-Driven Growth, and More – Raise The Bar

Fast-Growing Food E-commerce Companies

Our latest Suggested Search List reveals 10 fast-growing consumer-facing food e-commerce companies, ranked by the Mattermark Growth Score.

Check out the companies that top this list out of over 7,000 in the category.

Always Be Closing Sales

Rachel Serpa of Base reinforces how a perfect storm of sales drivers is giving way to the next evolution of sales and a new role needed to support and drive the function understanding sales data in “Why Sales Operations Lays the Foundation for the Science of Sales

Seth DeHart of Revinate introduces risk management concepts non-sales founders should consider when making the first sales hire and explores the viability of advisor level VP Sales guidance in “VP Sales as a Service for your Startup?


SaaS Metrics Survey

Are you ready to raise your next round? Take our survey to help measure and benchmark the metrics vital to a SaaS company’s success. Answers will be compiled and sent to participants this summer. Go here to take the survey.


Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Kevin Kononenko of Databox gives step-by-step instructions on using PPC ads and email to rigorously test which value proposition resonates with customers in “How To Discover Your Product’s Most Compelling Value Proposition Within 72 Hours

Scott Brinker of ChiefMarTech digs into data to understand the scope of enterprise marketing stacks, how the app explosion isn’t exclusive to marketing, and the increased resistance to vendor lock-in in “The Average Enterprise Uses 91 Marketing Cloud Services


Grow Up and To The Right

Nikky Hofland of Revue shares her thoughts on finding your ideal customer, the importance of talking to your customers, discovering ‘Jobs To Be Done’ for your users, and how to use user feedback for product-driven roadmap design in “Product-Driven Growth & User Feedback” (24-minute video)

Aubrey Marcus of Onnit discusses how to build scalable supplement business, forming relationships with VIPs and famous entrepreneurs, where to find hidden advertising opportunities, and more in “Noah Kagan Presents: How Aubrey Marcus Grew Onnit to $28 Million in Revenue” (51-minute podcast)


We’re Hiring A Sales Development Rep

Are you curious about business, great at connecting with people, and eager to develop professional skills? Are you looking to begin a career in sales?

If so, this entry level sales position could be perfect for you.

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