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California-Based Companies Approaching 50 Employees

132 Companies
List last updated: August 1, 2017

Why this list matters: As companies grow, they must abide by new federal and state employment laws, and California has very strict regulations. When companies reach 50 employees, they likely will need to invest in new software and outsourced services to comply with the Affordable Care Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Affirmative Action Program, according to federal law. California employers must also provide employees with two hours of sexual harassment training and education every two years. Sales reps at HR companies should reach out to companies that are approaching 50 employees and show high employee growth, as those companies likely fit their ideal customer profile.

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These are 10 companies based in California that are approaching 50 employees, ranked by Growth Score. Mattermark Filters Used: (1) State = CA, (2) Employee Growth Last 6 Months >= 50, (3) Employee Count >= 35, (4) Employee Count <= 50, (5) Stage IS NOT Exited

Name Growth Score* Mindshare Score** Employees Employee Growth Total Funding Stage
Kraken 277 63 164 28% 6.5M b
DroneBase 183 34 93 11% 18.8M b
Allbirds 358 58 142 82% 79.2M b
Outdoorsy 155 1 82 28% 25.0M b
GOAT 245 -198 189 50% 72.6M a
Gong.io 540 446 51 76% 26.0M a
AffinityLive 391 375 37 54% 2.0M pre series a
HempMeds 975 975 43 65% 0 no known funding
Descartes Labs 172 20 95 38% 38.3M b
Aspiration 111 -15 109 31% 62.5M b
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* Growth Score: is a measure of how quickly a company is gaining traction at a given point in time. It incorporates web traffic, social traction, and business growth metrics like employee growth and funding. Companies who see growth across these signals are typically more likely to continue to grow as a result.
** Mindshare Score: Higher scores indicate sustained, steeper growth of public interest across several external signals. Negative scores indicate declining customer interest.
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