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Landing Your First Growth Marketing Job, 41 Growing Boston Startups, and More – Raise The Bar

Downtown Boston Companies Quickly Approaching 50 Employees

These are 10 out of 41 companies in downtown Boston with 30 to 49 employees and more than 10% employee growth in the last 6 months.

Here’s the list.


Always Be Closing Sales

Peter Strohkorb dives into 7 pervasive bugaboos that plague B2B sales-marketing alignment, which is at a premium and chances are, your organization could do a better job in “7 Common Mistakes in Sales+Marketing Collaboration

Lauren Licata of Base CRM asks all the right questions of the legendary original VP of Sales at HubSpot in “The 6 Greatest Sales Management Lessons from Mark Roberge


SaaS Metrics Survey

Are you ready to raise your next round? Take our survey to help measure and benchmark the metrics vital to a SaaS company’s success. Answers will be compiled and sent to participants this summer. Go here to take the survey.


Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Benji Hyam of Grow & Convert details how a little-known songwriter in LA used influencer marketing to get his song seen by tens of thousands of people, and how the steps he used can be replicated by any company trying to drive more traffic to their content in “This Songwriter Accidentally Executed Influencer Marketing Perfectly

Matt McGowan of Adestra releases the results from the Email Marketing Industry Census (11th edition) to uncover what role email plays in the context of today’s marketing environment in “First Person Marketing, 10 Reasons


Grow Up and To The Right

Casey Winters of Greylock, and formerly of Pinterest, shares how he started as a marketing intern at Apartments.com and evolved into a data-driven marketer in “How Did You Land Your First Growth Marketing Job?

Leigha Mitchell of Hubba expands on how running Customer Success for a year helped her bring empathy, prioritization, communication and appreciation to her role as a developer in “How a Year in Customer Success Made Me a Better Developer

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