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IPO Watch: 25 Most Heavily Funded Active Venture-Backed Tech Companies

Yesterday we published a list of the fastest growing venture-backed startups companies who have raised $80M or more, and were surprised to find there 584 companies in our database with funding at that level. Upon closer inspection, we found heavier funding for pharmaceutical and energy companies as well as a lot of private equity deals in companies you wouldn’t colloquially think of as tech startups. Among the companies who are venture backed, here are the 25 who have taken the most funding over the years. (formerly largest online consumer retailer in China $1.1B
Survey Monkey world’s largest online survey company $965M
Living Social group buying deals website $924M
Sina Weibo Chinese micro-blogging platform $586M
Pinterest Social photo sharing through pinboards $562M
Flipkart Indian online shopping site $540M
Palantir solving hard problems with big data $497M
SoFi school specific student loan funds $482M
Deem (formerly Rearden Commerce) B2B commerce-as-a-service $452M
Jawbone high technology hardware product maker $403M
GENBAND telecom gateway solutions $394M
Xiaomi mobile device and software maker $347M
Fab online retailer $336M
On Deck technology enabled small business lender $332M
Airbnb peer to peer vacation rentals $326M
Sonos in-home music systems $324M
TRUECar automotive pricing & analysis service $321M
Highwinds content delivery infrastructure $311M
eRecycling Corps device exchange and global aftermarket $311M
Box secure file storage and sharing $308M
Uber on-demand marketplace for transportation $307M
The Generation Network ( online geneaology company $300M online coupons $276M
Supercell Finish game production company $272M
Spotify online listening and music sharing service $271M
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