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Introducing Neil S W Murray, Mattermark’s First Contributing Editor

We reached out to Neil about The Nordic Web for a data partnership and found there was an opportunity to do even more together. Today I’m excited to announce that he is joining the Mattermark team as our first official contributor from outside the U.S.

We’re excited to add the companies Neil has been tracking to Mattermark, and he will be joining us as a weekly contributor of news and analysis on one of the most successful regions for producing startups in the world.

Incredibly, despite only having 4% of Europe’s population (25 million people) according to Neil’s most recent analysis the Nordic’s account for 30% of Europe’s ‘Unicorns’ and 26% of their exits. In 2014 alone we saw IPO’s for Zendesk, Just-Eat and King Digital, as well as Microsoft’s $2.5 billion acquisition of Mojang.

Neil’s data driven analysis articles on the Nordics with The Nordic Web have become the go-to resource for investors, startups and journalists in Europe when looking at the region. We are delighted to have him contributing to Mattermark and bringing these to a broader audience.

“My goal when starting The Nordic Web was to shine a spotlight on the Nordic region. Despite it’s successes there was still a lack of in-depth coverage of the startups from the region, and I felt that by providing investors with data driven content they would feel more informed, and therefore more likely to invest.

Joining Mattermark made a lot of sense to me, as now I have the opportunity to highlight the innovation coming out of the region, as well as the investment opportunities to a much wider audience.” – Neil S W Murray

Look out for Neil’s first posts over the next couple of weeks, where he will analyse the most promising gaming startups in the Nordics (traditionally one of the Nordics strongest verticals) as well as analysing all of the funding activity that occurred in The Nordics in 2014.

While you wait, check out these posts by Neil on The Nordic Web:



In the coming months we are looking forward to adding additional writers, analysts and other contributors to the Mattermark blog.

The ideal candidate will possess some/all of the following qualifications: passionate about startups, experienced with blogging, has invested in startups or worked for a VC firm, writes for credible publications on relevant topics, or has performed in-depth research and analysis in pursuit of an advanced degree in Business, Economics or Journalism.

Please get in touch by emailing danielle@


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