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How To Contribute Articles To The Mattermark Daily

It’s been over a year since Mattermark CEO, Danielle Morrill, started writing and curating the Mattermark Daily, a curated daily newsletter focused on surfacing high quality content from startup operators and investors. With nearly 2,500 featured articles since October 2013, we have covered many industry perspectives of venture capital, SaaS, IPOs, product launches and acquisitions, psychology and entrepreneurship, burn rates, scaling companies, fundraising and much more.
All of those featured articles have been sourced in proprietary ways and have also been community submitted via email to Editor@Mattermark.com. Every day, we find around 20 – 30 interesting articles to read, then we select up to 15 to include in the day’s Mattermark Daily. Our goal is to shed light on high quality articles for our growing subscriber base to learn and gain insight from. With that, we would love more articles to sift through and feature!

You can contribute to the Mattermark Daily

If you find articles from founders and investors that make you think, you believe others can learn from, see as a ‘must read’ for the startup community, etc. – you can send the link directly to Editor@Mattermark.com. We will happily read and consider featuring them in the Mattermark Daily.
We like to feature recent posts, mostly published within the past 48 hours. We also rarely feature posts from popular tech publications – TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Re/Code, PandoDaily, etc. We will consider posts by founders and investors on those publications, if we deem the topic to be relevant to our readers.For all of the articles we do not include in the Daily, we will still be sharing them with the community on Twitter @MattermarkDaily

If you would like to receive a daily digest of the best articles from operators and investors, you can subscribe to the Mattermark Daily below. To get a sense of our emails, you can also see past newsletter content published on our blog.

Thanks for reading and for your support!

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