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Foundry Group Closes $225M Foundry Select Fund, Assets Under Management Now Over $1 Billion

Mattermark has learned Boulder, Colorado based venture capital firm Foundry Group has closed a new $225M fund comprised of partners Brad Feld, Seth Levine, Ryan McIntyre, and Jason Mendelson. It appears this new fund tips Foundry Group over the $1 Billion mark for assets under management, following 3 previous $225M funds closed in 2012, 2010 and 2007.

Top 10 Foundry Group Portfolio Companies – by Mattermark Score

  1. Fitbit – wearable device encouraging healthy living through quantified diet and exercise
  2. Rover – P2P dog boarding service (Airbnb for dogs)
  3. Chute – cloud platform for managing media (photos, videos, files, etc)
  4. Pantheon – all-in-one cloud Drupal platform for developers
  5. Datahero – data intelligence and visualization SaaS
  6. Revolv – home monitoring and control system
  7. Cloudability – financial management tool for monitoring and analyzing every cloud expense
  8. FullContact – cloud-based contact management solution SaaS
  9. PivotDesk – office-sharing marketplace
  10. Oblong Industries – the direct basis for the computers depicted in the film “Minority Report”

Mattermark Pro users can view the full Foundry Group portfolio here.

And this (from 2011, because it is glorious)…

We have reached out to Foundry Group for comment and will update this post when we learn more.

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