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Boatbound Partners with Uber to Help East Bay Residents Steer Clear of the Impending BART Strike

Wondering whether the Bay Area Rapid Transit will strike on Monday, making commuting difficult if not impossible for East Bay residents

Boatbound (Mattermark profile link) has partnered with Uber (Mattermark profile link) to create an all-inclusive $30 option: get picked up at your front door in an UberX, driven to the dock, and ride the ferry + breakfast for free.

Snuggly blankets, hot coffee and scenic views included. There will be a range of boats used from speedboats to sailboats, meaning you shouldn’t expect this to be fast – but it will be awesome. If you end up riding to work on one of the UberBoats send us pictures!

According to the Uber blog, here is how it works:

  • Download the Uber app and request the “Boat” option
  • If a seat on the boat is available, you’ll get your usual confirmation message and we’ll send an uberX to pick you up and bring you to the dock
  • Boat service will be available on Monday August 5th only. Boats will be leaving from the East Bay in the morning and SF in the evening. In the morning, boats will leave the East Bay between 7am and 9am. In the evening, they will leave SF between 5pm and 7pm. Your boat will leave within 15 minutes of your arrival at the dock
  • In the morning, you can start requesting at 6:15AM, in the evening at 4PM
  • $30 gets you uberX door-to-dock service and cool swag. The boat ride along with breakfast/drinks is free!
  • No cash required! Your ride will be charged directly to your Uber account
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