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B2B Startups Cloudant & Clustrix Enter Y Combinator Index Top 10 (April 2013)

Last month the first Y Combinator index ranked the entire portfolio by web traffic and Facebook monthly active users (where applicable). These two data points provided some relative ranking, but didn’t do much to bring enterprise companies to their expected positions in the list and overly favored companies with short term spikes in traffic rather than long term investments in building teams, earning inbound links and creating audiences on socia media channels.

This new ranking factors indicators like Facebook likes, Twitter followers, web traffic, page rank, inbound links, number of employees and other data I am collecting through proprietary methods.

You’ll now see companies like Clustrix (scale-out SQL databases) and Cloudant (distributed database as a service) in the top ten, along with big jumps from OwnLocal (publisher tools & monetization), MemSQL (another database company!), AeroFS (private file syncing and collaboration) and many more. The Winter 2013 companies have also been added.

At a Glance: Top Companies by Batch (Not Exited)

  • Winter 2013 – Bitnami
  • Summer 2012 – 9GAG
  • Winter 2012 – Daily Muse
  • Summer 2011 – Codecademy
  • Winter 2011 – HelloFax
  • Summer 2010 – Hipmunk
  • Winter 2010 – Optimizely
  • Summer 2009 – Olark (this batch has 4 companies in the top 20)
  • Winter 2009 – Airbnb
  • Summer 2008 – Cloudant
  • Summer 2007 – Dropbox
  • Winter 2007 – Weebly
  • Summer 2006 – Scribd
  • Winter 2006 – Clustrix
  • Summer 2005 – ClickFacts

If you feel a company is incorrectly ranked on this list please email me or let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts. My email is morrilldanielle (at) gmail.

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