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5 FAQs About Mattermark for Lead Enrichment

Last week, we hosted our first webinar of the year to show sales pros how to use Mattermark to find their future customers, save time by automating data collection and manual procedures, and connect with the right decision maker.

The attendees asked some great questions that others who signed up for a trial or are current customers might be curious about. Here are a few:

Q: How can I find prospects similar to our current customers?

A: By creating a query that reflects your ideal customer profile, Mattermark can help you identify and isolate other companies in a similar space, geography, size, etc., or all of the above.

Every company page also includes a “Similar Companies” panel on the right-hand side. In this panel, you’ll see the top companies that match the company’s industry, and business model. From here, you can add the company to your Watch list or create a custom list of prospects that are similar to your current customers. You can also conduct a side-by-side comparison of two companies by clicking on “Compare.”

Q: How do you determine Mindshare Score?

A: The Mindshare Score is a measure of a company’s growth over time. It combines estimated web traffic, estimated mobile app downloads, inbound links from other websites and social media followers/likes to determine how a company’s online attention changes. Higher scores indicate sustained, steeper growth of public interest across several external signals. Negative scores indicate declining customer interest.

The Mindshare Score is a subset of the Growth Score, which accounts for social signals and the company’s ability to gain and retain attention online.

Q: What’s your international coverage?

A: Mattermark includes data for more than 4.1 million companies, with 1.1 million of them located in the U.S. Over 680,000 are based in Europe and over 201,000 in Asia. Data comprehensiveness will vary from region to region based on data sources. We continue to add more and more international sources as time goes on.

Q: Do you track the physical headquarters of each company?

A: The physical headquarters for each company is listed under “Location” or “City.” You can filter based on location and conduct queries to display results with physical headquarters only in a specific city. For instance, you can search by a region such as Bay Area or Dallas, by a specific zip code, or more broadly by state, country or continent. These queries can simplify and streamline territory planning.

Q: Where do you pull employee headcount data from?

A: Mattermark aggregates and compiles social media information from a number of sources. Some manual verification of the employee counts are then conducted to ensure accuracy.

In case you missed it, you can view the recording here — or join us for our next webinar July 26 to get an introduction to Mattermark.  

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