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2015 Deal Volume Down 27%, Capital Deployment Up 41% — Mattermark’s Q3 US Startup Funding Report

Each quarter, the analyst team at Mattermark puts together a summary of the past 3 months of deal activity in the US startup ecosystem to help investors get a sense of the overall market trends. This report takes a step back to examine the bigger picture alongside recent activity, to help you calibrate your gut feel for the markets with objective data. Download the 33-page free report here.

Q3 Trend in Focus: Capital Concentration

The key trend which continues to emerge is the concentration of capital in fewer rounds, as evidenced by a decrease in overall deal count and an increase in total funding dollars deployed. Earlier this year the trend was more of a barbell between early and late stage earlier this year has continued to develop throughout the year, and now it is the late stage that is seeing a clear surge while deal volume and capital for this year has stabilized at the same levels as last year.


This report includes:

  • Year-over-year deal volume trends overall and by stage
  • 10 year historical deal volume trends
  • Year-over-year capital deployment trends overall and by stage
  • 5 year historical capital deployments trends
  • Stage-by-stage average and median deal sizes year-over-year
  • Top 10 largest deals by stage

Ready to dig in?

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