Our Story

Mattermark is organizing the world’s business information to help dealmakers answer questions about companies they’d like to do business with. Every day, businesses are turning to Mattermark to research companies to invest in, partner with, or sell to.

We are a team of quants, coders, designers, salespeople, and data scientists who love building business software for human beings. If you love big data, predictive models, analytics, operational benchmarking, and believe in the power of saving time, we’d love to have you on our team.


We are passionate about bringing data to business decisions. Our experience ranges from successful startups like Twilio and Kabam to blue chip companies like Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Expeditors International. We support and challenge the team to raise the bar every day, reaching for loftier personal and professional goals.

Beau Harrington

Director of Engineering

Dawn Poulos

Vice President of Marketing

Michael Holder

VP of Finance

Sales & Marketing

Customers tell us that we’re changing the way they discover companies to partner with, sell to, or invest in. Our sales & marketing team are on a mission to introduce Mattermark to companies worldwide.

Nick Frost

Business Development Manager

Ray Kim

Sales Executive

Thomas Chen

Sales Executive

Sam DeBrule

Business Development Manager

Michelle Shao

Customer Success Manager

Kevin Norman

Sales Executive

Jackson Lindauer

Business Development Representative

Dan Schulz

Business Development Representative

Ryan Moayedi

Business Development Representative


Client Happiness Officer


The product team sits at the epicenter of the company. They regularly meet with customers and collaborate with each team to determine the ideal user experience, new features, and the product roadmap.

Avi Eisenberger

Senior Product Designer


Scrum Master

Engineering & Data Science

We believe in building and using software to automate problems previously solved by rooms full of people. Whether its writing software to categorize companies, determine similarities, or develop a polished mobile app – the team faces new challenges every day.

Samiur Rahman

Software Engineer

Courtland Caldwell

Software Engineer

René Barranco

Senior QA Engineer

Evion Kim

Lead Software Engineer

Mark Philpot

Senior Software Engineer

Alex Lee

Sofware Engineer

Brent Stearn

Software Engineer

Yu-Han Liu

Machine Learning Scientist


Obedience Counsel

Data Quality & Analysis

Our data team is on the front line of our mission to collect, clean, understand, and glean insights from all of the world’s business information. The team also diligently investigates our data to produce reports like the 2014 Startup Traction Report.

Kevin Liu

Data Analyst

Josh Luxton

Data Analyst

Courtney Ankrim

Data Analyst

Ho Yeung Cheung

Research Analyst Intern


Data Police

Recruiting & Operations

Delighting customers and providing a great workplace for employees are top priorities at Mattermark. Our recruiting and operations teams work tirelessly to recruit the best people, run the office, and make sure our customers are successful.

Shushannah Akin

Human Resources Manager


Head of Dogs