U.S. Healthcare Companies With Over 50% Employee Growth in the Last Six Months

67 Companies
List last updated: June 22, 2017

These are 10 fast-growing U.S. healthcare companies who have grown their headcount more than 50 percent in the last six months ranked by the Mattermark Growth Score. Mattermark Filters Used: (1) Country = USA (2) Industries LIKE Health IT OR Industries LIKE Healthcare OR Industries LIKE Medical Devices OR Industries LIKE Medical Diagnostics (3) Employee Count >= 50 (4) Employee Growth Last 6 Months >= 50 (5) Stage IS NOT Exited

Name Growth Score* Mindshare Score** Employees Employee Growth Total Funding Stage
Kuli Kuli Foods 322 5 200 35% 5.0M a
Carbon3D 384 3 369 16% 432.0M late
Recovery Centers of America 820 154 459 20% 331.5M late
Marena Group 127 0 129 207% 0 late
Synthego 665 449 138 19% 159.5M c
Zymergen 746 24 525 28% 174.0M b
Medical Marijuana 19 19 127 19% 0 no known funding
Bright Health 327 34 186 29% 240.0M b
Belcan 484 484 3,020 9% 0 no known funding
Redox Engine 125 0 106 19% 12.5M b
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* Growth Score: is a measure of how quickly a company is gaining traction at a given point in time. It incorporates web traffic, social traction, and business growth metrics like employee growth and funding. Companies who see growth across these signals are typically more likely to continue to grow as a result.
** Mindshare Score: Higher scores indicate sustained, steeper growth of public interest across several external signals. Negative scores indicate declining customer interest.
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